Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Sankirtan means the perfection of kirtan, perfection of chanting. The best use of our ability to speak is to use our words for the glorification of the Supreme Lord. It is difficult to accomplish – to speak only hari-katha and nothing else – but from the personal everyday experience we can understand how it works. If a young man falls in love with a young woman, he cannot speak about anything else. Only about this lady. In the same way, if we have this deep attachment to Krishna, God, it will be very difficult to speak about anything else.

So, the perfection of speech is to glorify the Lord. The perfection of the ear is to listen about Him. The perfection of the eye is to see Him always. And this is not with the physical eyes, this is with the divine eyes.

And the perfection of the body is to be used in the service of Krishna. You, as human beings, have so much capacity. So much energy was given to you by God’s arrangement. Your whole body is burning with energy. It is not cold, it is thirty seven degrees. Permanent fire is there. Permanent energy. Your eyes are shining. Your hands are moving. Your heart is beating. You are full of energy. Do not waste your energy with nonsense. Live for the best purpose! And what is the best purpose to live for?

To die. Anyway we shall die. This body will be finished. Better to finish with the body for the sake of God. Die – for matter! Die – for this world. To be born again for the next world, for the divine life.

Die to live. This is the perfection of life – to die. Which is a difficult message to hear. Now many of you are smiling, but when the moment comes, who knows what kind of face we shall have. Whether you meet the four messengers or the three messengers. The four messengers are coming from down, while the three messengers are coming from above. Messengers of death – the yamadutas – carry the message of finish. And when you see them, it is quite fearful. What is described in Vedas is confirmed by some, who has these near-death experiences. It is a fearful experience for most of them. But if you meet the vishnudutas, they carry a different message. Because Vishnu is a God who protects. He is a God for life – to protect you. His messengers carry the message of eternal life – which everybody likes to have, but very few people are ready to pay the price. Yet little price we have to pay, in order to get an eternal life – which is already there, you only have to realize it.

If we do not waste our energies, but use all our resources for the best purpose, then it would be easier to understand something about perfection. The perfection of life is to die for yourself and to be born for God. If you live for yourself, you live for nobody; if you live for Krishna, then you live for everyone.

Always try to search for perfection. On the material platform it is very difficult to find it. Actually, it is impossible. But if we come to the divine platform, then it is impossible to find any mistake. Here you cannot find perfection; there you cannot find a mistake. Which place do you chose?

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