Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



To be a real mother and father, you have to be partial. You cannot love your kids without loving them! It’s impossible! And if you love, you become blind, right? Then you are partial: “He is more nice than the other. The other boy is also nice; but THIS boy is more nice!” Right?

We are practitioners in the school of love, affection. We can speak about the general love, I mean the universal love, but who is practicing? Who is on that level to practice it? And until we cannot love our children – how can we speak about universal love?! Until we cannot appreciate our fellow godbrothers and godsisters – how can we IMAGINE to have divine love?

In one sense I agree – there IS an element of egoism there. But if that egoism comes from the soul platform – the real ego, not the false – what’s wrong with that? We should understand that Bhakti is not some theoretical vision, but this is a practical approach to living entities. And actually this inclination of mothers and fathers towards their kids – what is the source of that? I can trace it back to the divine feelings. Ultimately it’s coming from that source. May be the distorted manifestation is coming from the ego platform, but the final source is the pure soul platform. Go one step further.

I like a partial God! Of course I wouldn’t like Him if I was out of His circles! All those who are out, with all good reason they can criticize Him for being biased. Those who are in – they feel very good. Of course – who is out and who is in!? Nobody is out. In that circle everybody is included – ontologically everybody is included in Krishna’s family. Because we all are coming from Him, we are His energies, so we are included in that circle.

Only if you want to be out… But that you should not blame on Him. Same in the Bhakti family. If you want to feel part of the family – you are! If you come with an open heart – you are member. But if somebody wants to feel like an example or feel like an outsider – he has all the rights to feel like this.

So let’s be united in Krishna’s family. Unity is a big force, big power. What you cannot achieve alone, you can very easily achieve in good company.

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