July 2019
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Monday) 

“Lord Nrisimhadev stopped Hiranyakashipu with the last blow of His mace. All the demigods who had been driven out from Svarga, (heaven) by Hiranyakashipu gathered and started to watch the fight from a hidden place. Just as Garuda sometimes plays with a snake before killing it, allowing it to escape his mouth and then seizing it again, Lord Nrisimha let the demon escape from His hands and the demigods became overwhelmed by fear. The great asura, thinking that Lord Nrisimha was afraid of him, took a brief rest from the fight and then with renewed energy again attacked Him with sword and spear. No one is able to oppose Shri Hari. Narayana in the form of Nrisimha turned towards Hiranyakashipu who was laughing loudly. This demon had the power to move in the sky as though he was on the ground, but the Lord caught him in the same way as a snake catches a mouse. The Lord tore apart the body of Hiranyakashipu using only His own nails – that means without the use of any weapon. It happened at dusk, at sunset – which is neither day nor night. It happened on the threshold of the assembly hall – which is neither indoors nor outdoors; by holding him on His lap – which is neither in the sky nor on the ground.”[1] These were the boons that Hiranyakashipu asked – “so that nobody can kill me inside, outside, neither in the sky, no animal, no nothing…”. But he forgot Krishna, Vishnu; that He can come in any form, He can override all the tricks of the demons.

And now here comes a very vivid description: “Then He proceeded to rip out the demon’s entrails and garland Himself with them, so that His white hair was completely drenched with blood. That form of Nrisimha with many arms and a terrible countenance appeared extremely frightening. Finally the Lord plucked out the heart of Hiranyakashipu from his chest and turned to the many thousands of demons, who had rushed to fight Him with so many weapons and killed them with His nails only.” So, mission accomplished.

“Exhibiting the triumphal behaviour of a king, who ascends to the throne of a defeated enemy, the Lord sat on the throne of Hiranyakashipu. Nrisimhadev had feelings of deep affection for His own servant, the gate-keeper of Vaikuntha, who had taken a demon’s body because of a curse. The Lord had liberated Hiranyakashipu by slaying him, for everyone who is personally killed by the Lord attains salvation. The Lord sat on the throne in the assembly hall, His face still frightening and angry in appearance. No one had the courage to approach Him to offer service. Hiranyakashipu had been a burden for all the three worlds. Now that he had been killed the wives of the demigods personally showered flowers from Svarga onto Nrisimhadev. Trying to pacify the anger of the Lord, without getting too close to Him, all His servants and devotees – such as Brahma, Indra, Mahadev, the rishis, etc. – began to offer prayers.”

So, this was the sad story of an opponent of Vishnu. Better we try to be lovers of God. We know that this form is very frightening for the enemies of the Lord and very dear to the devotees. Therefore it is recommended to pray for the protection and mercy of the Supreme Lord – in any way, in any form that you are inspired to get this protection. You know that Krishna has two features: He is Dina-bandhu – that means “friend of the fallen”, so everybody is invited; but when we understand that He is also Bhakta-vatsala, “protector of the devotees”, then we are also inspired to come forward. And instead of a fallen soul change our position to a devotee of the Supreme. This is the simple conclusion of this story; be a good bhakta, you will be protected. And the final-final end of the story is always positive.


(to be continued)

[1] From B.B.Tirtha Maharaj’s book The holy life of Prahlada

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