Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Actually this song is the hymn of the householder devotees, “Manasa deho geho” – my mind, my body, my home I dedicate it to You. Although these are the three main expansions that we possess and that we protect. The body is the main instrument to achieve all possible enjoyments in this life. What you cannot achieve by body, you can achieve by your mind. And whatever you achieve by body and by mind is manifested in your home. And all the attachment is going in these objects. Because the home is not an abandoned flat, but it is full of life. There is my wife, there are my children, and there is my television and all my other fancy things. All my attachment is there. How much you think of your home and your beloved ones? A lot, every second thought is with them, if not all. Fortunate enough that sometimes Krishna comes as a small boy, because then in this way we can direct our family attachment to Him. And you can see how much energy and attention a baby needs. Actually they are demanding a lot. Practically, all. And they go to the utmost limit, beyond your expectations. Still, you can perform. Out of a very special energy, which is called…? Affection, love.

So if you have your family peace like “me, my home, my wife, my children”, and then all of a sudden another party appears in this family, vaishnava-tattva appears there, sneaks in and sometimes guru-tattva also enters, then you start to have yet another kid, demanding a lot. Practically, all. Right? How can you perform, how can you satisfy the demands of the vaishnava? Only by a very special energy, which is called…?

Manjari: Love!

Tirtha Maharaj: So, yesterday we had a very important question and topic to discuss. What to do with those who are engaged in daily activities? Because it is very nice to discuss and to talk about perfection, spiritual practices and ecstasy of spiritual life, but what about Monday morning? If we want to be realistic, it looks like weekend type of a spiritual engagement: “Otherwise I am engaged in other activities, but sometimes I can devote some attention to spiritual practices.” A baby is not satisfied to get the breast milk only in the weekends or from time to time, when I have free time. No, he or she will fight for it, demand it. If you do not satisfy him – cries and shouts. So, what about God? Are you ready to give your milk, your love to Him?

A few years ago the milk miracle started to happen. I think it happened to be in Delhi in one temple. All of a sudden Ganesh started to accept milk. So, what happened? Practically, everything stopped in Delhi. No banks, no offices; everything closed down because all the people are rushing to the temples, standing in long queues and everybody is carrying the milk. This was a big problem in this many millions’ city, everything stopped, because everybody wanted to offer his milk to Ganesh. And then the miracle expanded like wild fire, because Ganesh started to accept the milk in other temples also. And then the deities in other continents also started to accept the milk. So even in London, there was a skeptical person and he said: “You know, I am an atheistic person and I am an accountant, but still, they said that there is a miracle. So, I had to go and, for God’s sake, I brought my milk.” And somebody was interviewed: “What is your opinion about this miracle?” That person said: “Maybe the gods are hungry for our attention”. This was the milk miracle – sometimes they also cry for milk.

Of course the scientific authority of India started to analyze and explain the miracle. And they said that the special construction of the stone of the deities absorbs the milk. So, just imagine such a “huge” deity of Ganesh absorbing gallons of milk. And what to speak of the metal deities? So, their scientific explanation sounds like a miracle. You can decide in which miracle you believe – the scientific one or the real one.

But anyway, back to the point, sometimes the superior ones also need your energy, they also need your milk, they also need your attention.

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