Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



The two aspects of mercy are that there must be somebody who provides and there must be somebody who accepts. God provides, you have to accept. He is running after you: “Here is My mercy, here is My mercy! Take it! Take it!” This time do not run away. Just take it, be a receptacle of mercy, because you can be liberated. Liberation is very highly appreciated all over in the different religions – except in bhakti. In bhakti liberation is not so much appreciated, this is not the highest goal. This is a secondary result. Again from this we can understand the superior beauty of bhakti – that this is not running after liberation, this is running after God.

“O lover of Radha! You are the cause and the life of universe. Jagata karana and jagata jivan – You are the cause and You are the life.” [1]The three aspects of God are mentioned – that He is the cause, He is the maintenance and He is the destroyer, who will invite everything back.

“You are the cause, You are the life. Beyond You nobody has anything.” This vision is limited only to two aspects of the Supreme: Creator or the origin; and Maintainer. And there is no end. In our conception there is no end to divine fullness.

And what does it mean “Beyond You nobody has anything”? That means “You are the most precious.” Because if Krishna is life, what is more precious than life. Life by itself is very natural and very unique at the same time. But we can manifest and enhance the beauty and value of life in connection with the Supreme; in this way it is more complete. We should not miss this opportunity to invite divinity in our life. And if you have Him, you have everything; if you do not have Him, you have nothing.

“You bring blessings to the world and You are the Lord of the universe.”Bhuvana mangala – mangala means blessings and bhuvana means existence. So the happiness of all existence is concentrated in Krishna.

“I have come to the conclusion that in this world it is only You, who can save Your fallen and sinful servant.” This should be our prayer. „Hari he doyala mora jaya radhanath!”

Somebody compared bhajan to a magic carpet. And on this magic carpet we just fly to a different state of consciousness. Isn’t it true? It is very much true. Therefore this is one very important cultivation in bhakti, because it gives vibration that irresistibly purifies and liberates the consciousness.


[1] a line from the song of devotion “Humility and dedication”

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