Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Krishna Priya: It is easier for me to serve when I see the object of my service – for example in the temple, devotees or Gurudev, but at home it is difficult for me, because I don’t see the object. Maybe this is a problem with my visualization?

Tirtha Maharaj: But wait a minute! Krishna is pervading the whole universe! Except your home – or what? That is surprising.

But you are correct in one sense, because when worship is performed, then we feel the presence of our God very intensely. When we see the devotees, we see that they are dedicated to their masters like anything. When we see our master we see that he is dedicated to God like anything. This is parampara. And when we see our God, Krishna, then we see that He is fully dedicated to Radharani. This is a very glorious parampara.

But what to do at home, this is just like a desert. No Radha, no Krishna, no guru, no vaishnava, no temple, no deity – nothing, only the television, the main focus of attention, evening lecture. Of course you are frustrated. You listen to all the stupidities emanating from the one-eyed guru. I have to tell you, from time to time I check it. The message is still the same: broken, killed, kidnapped, bombing, violence, even the weather is bad.

Therefore it is suggested that we should turn our home into a temple. Then it will change, if you invite the presence of Krishna. It is very nice to establish an altar in our homes. For example to have a nice picture of the temple altar – then you invite the temple into your home. Then you can worship Mahaprabhu through this altar. Just like in every Christian home there is an icon or cross or whatever – some symbol to remind that this home also belongs to God. And I am also a guest here. In the same way we can also have this connection. And when we invite the presence of God into our home, establish an altar, find a deity, find a picture, start pujas, offerings, lamps, incense, prayers, you will see that certain spiritual vibration will emanate from that source. And this is not only a transformation in the space – that you put certain object on a shelf – but this is like when you are opening the window and fresh air is entering your home. In this way, by establishing an altar we open the divine window, so that the divine energy enters our home. And then you will feel the power. You will see the object of your service.

This is very important. Everybody can establish a home altar. It is not necessary to buy, to collect deities here and there, because this is not the method. We have the center of our worship in the Sofia ashram. And you can be connected to that ashram by this private worship, private service. That would be very nice. And also if you study at home, if you read revealed scriptures, again you will feel connected. Because we have to feel this connection – I am connected to God, I am connected to guru, I am connected to the service, to the devotees. We need that divine company. This is the way to help our conviction to grow. And also by chanting the names – as we discussed recently – we are just entering plane of vibration of divine names. It also helps us.

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