April 2021
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 23.07.2016 pm, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Once there was a very mystic experience. We had a visitor swami from India preaching. He gave a very standard speech, describing all the difficulties of material life. This is a very popular topic because everybody understands. And one of our devotees was contemplating meanwhile: ‘How can I capture Krishna in my heart?’ Then he remembered this story from our acharyas that there is only one place from where Krishna cannot escape – this is the jail of the heart. And immediately our visitor started to mention this story: “If you want to capture Krishna, you have to create a very nice jail in your heart.” Mystic experience. You think of something and the lecturer will mention the same topic.

So, encounters with divinity are not too far away from us. Only one step ahead. Yet this one step always remains. Nevertheless we have to start our run. It’s a chase. But if you want to be successful in your chase, you have to change the direction of the chase – not that you are running after divinity, but divinity is running after you. That’s the real thing. Loving search for the lost servant – this is our conception about God Supreme. He is so compassionate, so full of loving emotions that He wants to share. Therefore He had invented this feeling of separation. He wants to meet newcomers. They say that sometimes Krishna is bored with the oldcomers. He needs new faces. And we cannot meet if we are not separated, right? If you are always there, you are like a bookcase – always there and not moving. We need separation in order to be united again. This is purva-raga. When we are separated, we need, we are yearning for the meeting. And when you meet, you have a bitter drop of fear of separation. Do you know this feeling? When everything is so beautiful, but still you have a little fear: ‘How long it will stay? Right now, in this moment, I feel the ecstasy. But the next moment comes and then I will lose this ecstasy, because super ecstasy is waiting for me.’ You see, devotional life is full of losses, you always lose. You are a loser. You lose the present moment of deep ecstasy to come to a deeper ecstasy.



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