Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



Аll the people had one altar in their homes; it is called television. This is their Gurudev. They also make a puja, donations – every month they pay the bills. Sometimes they put nice covers on top, decorations… And every evening they are listening to the lecture. The principle is the same – people need instructions. But they take it from a wrong source. And whenever you say: “My Gurumaharaj has told this to me…” they will say: “Fanaticism! He doesn’t know!” Or when you quote: “But I have read in “Bhagavad Gita”…” “Beware, that is very dangerous!” Because their shastra is the newspaper, their guru is the television. So the principle is the same – they take instructions, they take guidance, but from a wrong source. And when you say “But I have learned from the devotees…” they will say: “Brain-washing!” Therefore in certain countries they have de-brain-washing offices. To bring back people to “normal” state of mind. For example if you don’t go to pubs, you don’t take alcohol, you don’t hunt women – it’s very dangerous! So they start to do their best to de-brain-wash you. And when you are back to the realm, to the embrace of Maya, then everybody is relieved: “A… Successful!”


Humans have one special capacity – this is the selective power. We should use our selective power to the best ability! Select your source of information. Select your guru – whether this is the one-eyed television guru or a real spiritual master. We should apply and use our selective power.

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