Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.05.2017 evening, Sofia)

I am very happy that we are here together tonight. This again proves to me that your spiritual interest is on the rise. And it also helps me to remember what I have learned from my masters. This is a spiritual chance for me, so I am very grateful for you all who are present.

These days we experience a quantum jump. We want to put a very long time into a very short moment. Meaning that we are studying an ancient story from the previous ages in order to understand something in our life today. This is what I call a quantum leap. We reach back to history in order to understand something today and to elevate our consciousness for the future. All the physical dimensions are included: time, space, circumstances. And also the metaphysical dimensions are included – like our mind, our intellect, our spiritual identity, our consciousness. Because on all these platforms we need an elevation, a rise. So today we try to generate more energy, more understanding for coming to that higher level of consciousness, awareness we can also say.

Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya!

And now after expressing our submission and gratitude towards the Supreme Lord and praying for His protection, we start our reading. Just to explain the story, because we are in the middle of a sequence: once there was a king. It sounds like a fairytale but it’s true. Once there was a king. After accomplishing his duties, he became an ascetic in a forest, trying to dedicate all his time and attention to God. He was very fixed in his consciousness and nevertheless he developed some attachment to a small deer that he started to raise. So much so, that at the end of his life the focus of his consciousness was on the deer. As a consequence he had to take birth as a deer next time. But he was a special deer, because he could maintain the consciousness of his previous lifetime. Then in his next life he had to go through different-different tribulations – like being practically an outcast from his society, facing mortal danger and so many other things. While ultimately he ended up as a servant, as a palanquin carrier. It was very difficult for him to cooperate with the other carriers, so the palanquin was shaking. The king chastised him and after he answered the king realized: ‘Oh, wait a minute, this is not a deaf and dumb person, but he is very polished and very elevated.’ And then a discussion started between them. So, now we join the discussion. In the last verse it was said:

“When the flame in a lamp burns the wick improperly, the lamp is blackened, but when the lamp is filled with ghee and is burning properly, there is bright illumination. Similarly, when the mind is absorbed in material sense gratification, it causes suffering, and when detached from material sense gratification it brings about the original brightness of Krishna consciousness.”[1]

We all like the light. The fire serves a good purpose and the smoke only disturbs. So, in the same way, if your consciousness is focused and it is working properly, it will bring the light. If it is improperly working, it might create some trouble.

(to be continued)

[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam, 5.11.8

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