Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Bhagaha: We were discussing few times with the devotees about the free will of the jivas. And if Krishna knows what will happen in the future with each and every jiva… Because from one point of view it is said that every jiva has the possibility to choose: Krishna or maya. And from other side if Krishna knows what will happen in the future with each and every living entity…

Tirtha Maharaj: …then where is the free will? Do you have some children? No. Then it will be a little more difficult to explain. But anyway, just imagine, you have some children. What impression a father should give to the children? You should give the impression: “Ah my son, you have full freedom!” Then the son will feel very satisfied, although he has no freedom at all and you will pay the price for all the nonsense that he is doing. And the basic tendencies are there, he cannot escape from these basic tendencies. He will run after ladies, he will be mad in springtime, etc. He will make all the mistakes that you have made. And you know already how these mistakes work. And you know how he will use his freedom. He has some freedom? No he has some feeling of freedom, not real freedom.

So something very similar. We all have the impression: “Ah I have free choice. I have my freedom.” When I was young I also shared this opinion: “Yes, freedom!” Now I would say we have no freedom at all. Why? Because either we are controlled by maya, illusory energy, or we are controlled by Krishna. Neither in this case nor in the other are we bosses. We are servants and servant means no freedom. If a servant has freedom, that is not a servant. But the servitorship in realm of maya is bitter, you always want to escape. Servitorship in divine realm is sweet, you want to enter more and more: “Give me more! I want to get rid of my stupid freedom. I don’t want to become a simple servant, I want to become a slave! I want eternal slavery! I want to fully dedicate my life, give up my freedom, give up my independence.” And in a loving connection, affectionate connection, it just automatically comes. You don’t think of your freedom if you love somebody. Naturally you forget: “Ah, I am Yours! I am not free anymore, I am Yours. You just tell me what to do. I belong to You, I have no separate existence.”

But this is rather more emotional side of the question. I don’t think that Krishna’s absolute knowledge – that He knows past, present and future –  curbs your feeling of freedom. He is pulling the strings.

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