Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We should have such an intense desire that Krishna shows Himself, that He should not be able to hide. For that we have to purify our existence, but we need something extra – some little blessings. Because our eyes are in a diseased condition. If you go to the doctor, he will give you some drops: “Apply these drops to your eyes and they will be cured.” What drops should we apply to the materially diseased eyes? What ointment we should use? We are talking about the eyes diseased by material conception.

Premananda: These should be the drops prescribed by the spiritual master.

Tirtha Maharaj: And if he is not a medical practitioner? Well, this is very close to the solution. It is said that we must apply the ointment of a potion from a flower. Which flower should we pick from the Indian flora? Better we pick the lotus. Where to find the lotus?

Yashoda: In the lotus feet.

Tirtha Maharaj: So, this special ointment is called guru padа-padma – the ointment of the lotus feet of the spiritual master. That ointment applied on the materially diseased eyes will give you the divine vision. And this is not only nice flowery words, very poetic expression. But what does it really mean? What will you remember if you see a lotus flower? The lotus is the symbol of purity. If you see a lotus flower immediately you will remember purity. And if you see the lotus feet of God, what will you remember?

Ramvijay: Mercy.

Tirtha Maharaj: Well… yes, yes, this is when we receive. I will tell you: we should remember service. If you see lotus feet – service. Do not forget, if you see some lotus feet – service mood. Krishna has different lotuses on His body. Lotus feet, lotus navel, lotus eyes – so many different lotuses are there. But start with the lotus feet. Do not gaze at the lotus face of Krishna. Because maybe that purity is too much burning. Start with the lotus feet and step by step raise your vision.

This is what it means to apply the ointment of the lotus flower of the spiritual master. And step by step we try to follow the instructions more and more, we serve here, we do something there, elevate our consciousness – this is the way.

At first it might be a mechanical process; later on this will be your second nature. And this is the real transformation. We should work for that and by this ointment our vision will be changed.

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