Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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 (from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.01.2014 evening, Sofia)

Question of Manjari: If we see that some of our spiritual brothers or sisters are doing something wrong, is it proper to say something to them or we have to act in another way?

Swami Tirtha: I cannot tell, because usually I don’t see anything wrong. So I don’t know what to do in such a case. It’s difficult.

But I can tell you something from my experience. Once I was praying practically in tears to one of my senior brothers and I told him: “Why didn’t you give me a slap on the face when I was so stupid?” So maybe he didn’t see anything wrong in my behavior, while I had realized that I have made mistakes. 

Many times we might see something wrong or something insufficient in the behavior of others. Still we shouldn’t be satisfied with the shortcomings of others, but we should give a long list of their glories. Because to try to be a devotee is very glorious endeavor – with all the limitations and all the mistakes that we have. Just imagine: how many people are not willing to pay any attention to God Krishna. We don’t go out to chastise them, right? But is it our brothers and sisters who are ready to give a little attention to Krishna, we are so much ready to chastise?

Correcting others or so to say criticizing others is quite dangerous. And this is reserved only for the gurus. Why? Because this means we have to digest the mistakes of others. If a simple devotee starts to pay too much attention to the mistakes of others, these mistakes might come over him and push him down. While a heavy weight champion, a strong devotee can digest the mistakes of others. 

Nevertheless in a very humble way we can try to help our friends and brothers to pay a little more attention to certain things. If we find the proper method, definitely they will pay attention. 

But what to speak of finding faults in the practitioners, sometimes we might find fault in God also. One of His mistakes is the avocado. I will tell you why. He made its stone too big. It’s a mistake – such a big stone!. But if He admits His mistakes, it’s all right. If you complain to Him about it – it’s not so nice. This is called anchoring; whenever next time you find avocado in Kaufland, you will remember: ‘Ah! The mistake of God!’ So please, try to erase this. 

Actually gopis also find fault in Krishna. But they don’t criticize Him directly. Because they know that He behaves like a boy and a boy is running up and down very quickly. So He is ready to escape before they can finish the sentence. He will simply run. Therefore the gopis devised a method how to tell their message to Krishna. Because the gopis first of all want to protect the interests of Shrimati Radharani very much. And you know, Krishna is omnipotent, He is best in everything. He is best in torturing Radharani also. To give trouble to others. But He gives only the necessary trouble. So, the gopis want to defend Shrimati Radharani. And they are very upset about the behavior of Krishna: “How come that You are so rude with our Goddess!?” But they cannot tell this message directly. So then they decided: “We shall invite Krishna for a pleasure.” They did it and when He came, they offered Him a very intimate service: “Ah, our dear Krishna, we can give You a foot massage.” Krishna is an innocent boy, He is very happy to accept such service. He is in a very relaxed mood, thinking of Chandravali, and then the gopis start to give their massage – very nicely catching the lotus feet of Krishna: first one, then the second. So they hold on both legs. And when our quick-running Krishna cannot escape, because the gopis hold onto His legs so strongly, then they start with their message: “Hey, Krishna! What kind of lover You are?” And then they go on with their opinions. 

So please, if you find fault in your brothers and sisters, or for example maybe your husband, first invite him to a pleasure journey: “Ah, my dear one, can I give you a foot massage?” But don’t repeat this twice – it works only once. Second time he will say: “Ah, sorry, sorry, I’m very busy now.” 

What do I mean? Maybe we have some remarks about the others, but try to give it in such a nice, such a charming way that they can accept it. Kids can swallow the bitter pill if it’s covered by chocolate or something sweet. We are also like kids. We all need this sweet cover. Others also need that, not only you. So, first give a gesture, and then come with some remarks. Act like the gopis


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