Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2017 morning, Sofia)

These days we have to pay a little more attention to the theory of our faith. Although we try to follow the different steps of divine mystery, and how can we discuss mystery?! Mystery has nothing to discuss, it’s something to perceive. So we need to find such environment, such circumstances that help us to come to some mystic experience. Small or grand revelation – it doesn’t matter. Even a small glimpse into divine secrets will explode our consciousness. Because compared to what you have perceived before, you get a little understanding of something totally different.

Nevertheless we try to systematically study this divine mystery. And especially our tradition teaches about the relationship to the Supreme Lord or the Divine Couple. Is it possible to talk about affection? It is possible, but it’s not affection. That is something different. Again it’s something that we need to perceive, to practice. It’s not enough simply to talk about divine love; we need to perceive that, to get a drop of that nectar.

One of the great contributions of our previous acharyas and Mahaprabhu for us is the rasa theory. Rasa means the essence of something, like the sap of a flower. You see that is something very condensed and very nectarean. In the artistic sense, in the aesthetics, rasa is the emotional expression in art. Like affection, hate, fear, enthusiasm – these are different rasas. But in theological sense rasa is the quality of the relationship between the human being and the Supreme Lord.

We understood that this peaceful and a kind of neutral approach, shanta-rasa, brings stability to our consciousness – your inner peace, where there’s no fight anymore. But not so much activity is manifested there, therefore we made a step further – and that is servitude, where beyond this stabilized state of consciousness we also perform some activities. And now we can come to the next step of devotional relationship – friendship.

How does it feel to have a friend? It’s a good feeling, right? Even on the simple human platform to have a friend with whom you can share – simply the knowledge that he exists satisfies your heart. It’s not necessary to do anything. Again some shanta – ‘no activity and yet I’m satisfied’.

Do we have many friends? Well, guys around us we do have. Especially until you pay the bill; then you will have a lot of companions. But as soon as you need something – you know it’s said: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Actually a bad friend is like a shadow, he’s always with you – until you are in the sunshine. As soon as you are in trouble he will disappear.

So we can see that even in human relationships this friendship is something precious, something very nice to possess – rare like a precious stone. But let’s make a step further. If this is so nice and so satisfying on the human platform, what about friendship on a divine platform?

Are you in good terms with the Supreme? We hope so. I don’t know how much feedback you have, but friendship is a mutual relationship. Therefore I think this is some very good ambition, spiritual goal – to achieve these good terms with the Supreme. I’m sure today in the morning you all looked into the mirror and identified your motivation, your ambition, your practice and your goal. To achieve these good terms with the Supreme is something very high, very prestigious.

(to be continued)


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