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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 24.07.2016 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Live, love, leave. So, we live the spiritual life, we take the experience with all the pros and cons. We try to learn and experience divine love. And then leave. What is this ‘leave’. What do we have to leave? Shridhar Maharaj says: “From the realm of distrust we have to enter into the realm of security”.

‘Leave’ means that sometimes we have to get rid of our spiritual illusions. It’s very useful. Not very easy, but it’s very useful. ‘Leave’ means a total leave. Now I only quote, I don’t have this quality, this level. It is said we have to leave all concepts, sarva dharman parityajya[1]. Give up all attachments! It’s easy to give up the attachment to objects, it’s more difficult to give up the attachment to partners or friends. But to give up our attachments to our ideas, to our concepts – wow! You might think: ‘I’m a great devotee!’ Or you might think: ‘I’m a small devotee’. To give up all these different concepts – this is difficult.

But in such desperate moments the divine mystery like a flash can reveal to you. I have a friend and he told me that he made a big mistake, he felt like ‘Now I failed.’ At that moment he had a revelation. Personal talk to the Supreme! So, what is our goal? To have this direct contact. And what is our path? Is it failure, or mistakes, or all the nonsense that you can commit? No, no, no. I think you understand what I mean – that you are never left alone. When you feel strong, then you don’t cry desperately. But when your life crumbles in front of your eyes, then you cry. ‘Oh, my God! What happens? You didn’t tell me that! I expected something else. And now! So far I could manage my life. But now everything is falling apart. Now this is Your turn. You manage my life. I cannot do that anymore!’ Then immediately all the rishies, munies, yogis, bhaktas and the whole parampara, the previous members – they start to smile: “Finally he or she understood! Yes! We were waiting for this moment!” Have you ever calculated how many well-wishers you have? You have no idea of it. Sometimes scientists say: “Oh, human beings that are so many, they are the majority.” No, those living entities here – that’s a minority. An insignificant minority. The better part and the majority are living over there. It is said one material universe – it’s big enough – is just like a grain of a mustard seed. If you have a big bag of mustard seeds and one seed is lost, what is the loss? None. So, it’s an absolute minority. The living entities, all the experience that you might have here, all the concepts that you might have here – it’s an absolute minority compared to the divine and spiritual reality. It’s zero.

And here we might have one or two friends. It’s a very good proportion in a lifetime, if you have one friend, real. Who is not a friend only until you pay the bill. Because until you pay the bill, you will have many friends. And you will have many bad friends also who are there with you only when the sunshine is there. But to have a real friend who is your second self, a gift of God – it’s more difficult to find. And to have a few well-wishers is also very rare – who don’t want anything in exchange.

I know how it is because I experienced it. Although experience is not the highest type of proof, but I experienced it. When meeting Shrila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaj I always felt this. He was 90 plus years old. And each time we met, only few occasions in this lifetime, I always felt this not simply fatherly, but like grandfatherly affection from him. Although I was not a part of his mission, I didn’t serve him, I didn’t move around him too much, but all the time I felt this very pure and very affectionate attention from him. So, it’s there. Here we might have a few well-wishers like this. But over there you have the majority. All the perfected souls are waiting for you. Because they feel it’s never enough. They feel ‘We are a minority. Still there are some lost servants. And until we cannot’ collect back these lost, escaped souls we are not happy.’ So, this is our hope and this is our conviction – that the majority of our well-wishers are waiting for us.

Therefore live, love, leave also applies in spiritual affairs. We have to live for the Divine Couple, we have to love Them, and we have to leave all the false concepts. Live, love, leave. This is our proper adjustment, this is our religion.

Now everybody floats in the waves of spiritual feelings. But let me crush this dream. What does it mean on the practical platform? That ‘I fix the broken window’. This is the practical application of what you have experienced now. Don’t be lazy bums hanging around, enjoying the facilities of the ashram and the mission. Do something about it! But one person is enough to do this. If everybody wants to fix this one window – that’s another misery. So, be well organized. Therefore it is said: “You have to feel yourself like a fool number one in front of your spiritual master. But don’t act like that.” Don’t act like that!

[1] Bhagavad Gita 18.66


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