Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 07.01.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Acharyavan purusho veda[1] – those people who have a guide they know that they will find their way back home back to Godhead. This is a very beautiful connection on the human platform, reaching and bringing us to the divine platform. And as the connection and the worship of Mother Ganga is to take a little water from her and offer it back, to take a little energy of the river and offer it back to her – similarly what is the worship of the spiritual master? You take something from him, you take some of his energies – but don’t forget to offer it back to him.

Why? Because we have learned everything from our master. He was the person to introduce us how to offer incense. We were so ignorant that we didn’t even know how to offer one stick of incense. He taught us what the purpose of flowers being created is. Sometimes he teaches us how to cook. Other times he teaches us how to eat. Prabhupad – 70 plus old Indian sadhu – was ready to teach his disciples how to clean the floor. And you know, as a very experienced old master he knew that life is difficult. And especially if you try to practice some spiritual discipline as a young man, sometimes it’s bitter. Therefore he invented a means – he had a big bucket full of gulab-jamuns, something very sweet. Hundreds of gulabs floating in a very heavy syrup – it’s really so sweet. And whenever his disciples felt a little frustrated by the too much discipline and the too much service, then he always took one ball and put it into the mouth of the disciple – to make it more sweet, to give a higher taste. We have a lower taste, a very insignificant ability to taste the beauty and the harmony of spiritual life; sometimes we need an overdose.

So, it’s natural that we take the energy and the blessings of our masters, but don’t forget to offer it back. Then the circle is done – you receive and you give, you receive and you give.

Therefore we appreciate our masters – because they have taught us everything and we hope that we shall meet in eternity also. Of course for that we need to qualify as a good disciple. Please, if you want to meet your guru in eternity, qualify as a good disciple. When in the next life you meet your master, from his face you will be able to read how good disciple you were during this life. If some divine blissful happiness is manifested on his face, you can be sure: ‘He will accept me this time again’. Not if an intrinsic fear will shine on his face: ‘Ah, he is back again! I couldn’t get rid of him…’

Therefore sometimes give a break to the masters. “I’m your eternal servant!’ ‘Ah, God, save me!’ I tell you, whatever you give, you will receive back. And this is not a curse – it’s reality, it’s the rule. So, if you give some nice service to your master, then when you will become a guru – as Mahaprabhu said, you all become gurus – you can expect that you will receive some nice service.

But apart from jokes – this is a very nice and very intimate relationship. And it is not limited to the human platform. We don’t commit ourselves to a man, we commit ourselves to an angel, a messenger of God. The way to serve the spiritual master is to accomplish his suggestions, to fulfill his teachings for perfection. Therefore we don’t engage ourselves in guruism or personality cult, but we want to follow a personal culture of spirituality. And therefore we worship Shri Guru. Shri Guru is the divine function. So, if we commit ourselves to Shri Guru, to the divine function, then we are eternally safe. And definitely we shall meet in eternity.


(to be continued)

[1] Chandogya Upanishad 6.14.2

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