Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

not higher

Question of Premananda: A painter asked a cobbler’s opinion on a pair of sandals he was drawing. The cobbler explained nicely, but then he started to discuss other parts of the painting. The painter stopped him: “Ne ultra crepidam” that means “not higher than the sandals”. When guru is there he can answer any questions about Krishna and everybody will be satisfied, but if guru is physically not there and the disciple is asked the question about Krishna, how high can he go?

Tirtha Maharaj: Very nice question. This question reminds me whether a deaf person can write criticism about Beethoven’s music. Well, until you think that you answer, don’t go higher than the shoes. But if you become a surrendered servant of your master, then he will speak through you. That is the surrendering process. Therefore we should start all lectures first with offering our respect to our masters, then offering respects to all present – then you can start your lecture, your readings, or your singings. Because it helps us to transform our consciousness from our own resources to be like a channel. So, education means that I follow the advice of my master. And if somebody asks me like a disciple, I should take it as my guru is asking me. What have you learned? Therefore all this is our chance to improve our service and dedication.

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