Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, October 2013, Ludashto, Vyasapuja)

First of all I’d like to greet everyone. I’m very happy and I feel very much honored that you all took the trouble and came. On these occasions I have a little spiritual schizophrenia, because one part of mine is very happily engaged in this celebration with all of you, while the other part of mine is a little confused and feeling uneasy to sit on this side of the group and not on that side. But let speak that part of me who is very happy to be engaged in such a service.

Why? Because one of the most beautiful parts of this existence, of the experience of life is the association with other human beings. This is the source of the utmost happiness and satisfaction, and of the greatest troubles of all. There is a very special part of associating between human beings – this is the spiritual association. And yet another part of it is associating with someone higher, with a more respectable person – to associate with a guru. There is an old advice: don’t approach the king, the ox, the cart, the fire, the woman and the guru too close, because then you will burn; but don’t stay too far away, because then you will get no benefit of that association. So we have to find the proper way, the proper mood of this association, when there is no so much burning, yet we can enjoy the heat and the light.

I still remember the days when we came together, brothers and sisters, to celebrate Gurudev’s birthday. So these memories help me to stay here and not to disappear all of a sudden. Because I remember that it was so important for us, it was such an enthusiastic moment for us, that if I can, I’m very happy to help others to experience the same feelings.

I’m not an eloquent speaker, but I know those who are really eloquent speakers – so much so, that when they speak, even those who don’t understand the language start to cry. I was observing that and it means that power and fire is there, the heart of that person is burning so much, that he is able to share with others even without the words. And that proves that it is possible to overcome the material limitations. We are not concerned with bodily or material limitations, but we truly believe in the victory of the heart and soul, we believe in the spiritual power.

In those old days the celebrations were very similar just like today – we all came together, everybody was rushing in the kitchen and we tried our best to serve Gurudev, who was so many times very dissatisfied and it was very difficult to find how to make him happy. Yet we had learned how to celebrate and how to worship the guru principle properly.

So Gurudev was a fiery person we can say, he was a very powerful person. But let me quote some thoughts and some memories from another person, who was not fire, but a lion, the roaring lion of preaching – Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur. He was so strict, that he allowed his disciples to celebrate his birthday only after his 50th. Until that time – threre was no chance for such celebrations. So, this is a lecture from 1936 the 6th of February – the last Vyasapuja before his death. It’s not so easy to translate, but we’ll try.

“Accepting the role of a guru, we have taken the responsibility and took this very serious task. From the audience everybody is sitting on a normal place, only I was supplied with an elevated seat. People in general might say: “Look how wide the zoo of God is! What arrogance! He is mad! Better we say he is cruel. Have you seen such a dirty pig with garlands on his neck? His high words and this great celebrations – how puffed up he is! He is listening as the others glorify his merits. Look! His ears are growing big – it’s obvious how much pleasure he takes from this. What is this questioning of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s teachings?! Is it possible that this wild beast will ever change?”

So it happened that I am the greatest fool of the world. Due to my arrogance nobody came to help me with good advice. And as nobody came to me to help me, therefore I shared my trouble with Mahaprabhu. I remembered if I open up my problems to Him and listen to His advice, it could be better. So He said: “Whomever you meet, talk to him about Krishna. My given order is this: become a guru and liberate this whole world! No material obstacle will stop you in this service. Here we shall meet and be together again.”


(to be continued)


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