Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 09.01.2014, evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

Question of Gandharvika: Well, you explained our relationship with the spiritual master – how it should be. I’ve heard many times that the most important is to have a relationship with the heart with the master. So my question is: what is more important – to approach the person with the most qualifications, with the highest diploma in the line; or to approach a person with whom you have heart connection?

Swami Tirtha: How do you choose your husband? You examine the biggest car, or the most profound bank balance, or the most famous guy on TV shows? Or you simply are enamored with someone? And this is not a sour grapes choice: ‘If I cannot have a horse, I’m satisfied with a donkey’. Not like this. But if you see your donkey and say: ‘Ah! Such a beautiful color! So nice ears you have, my dear!’

Gandharvika: Do you call this a relationship with the heart, sorry?

Swami Tirtha: Yes! Yes, love changes your vision, definitely. It gives the best-best part of the other person. It will reveal the real qualities that maybe the other person doesn’t even have – yet. Hate and love will provide a distorted vision of the other person – that’s for sure. But hate gives you a bitter picture, while love gives you a sweet picture. Therefore it is said that a mother will call even a blind son Padmalochan – beautiful lotus-eyed son.

But maybe again we are too much on the emotional waves. So, returning to your question – how can we judge who has the best diploma? It’s very difficult to judge. Maybe somebody is famous, maybe somebody has millions of followers, but maybe an unknown personality is dearer to Krishna. We can never know how it happens.

Of course we should inquire where a reliable source of spring water is. And if you have found it and if you have checked this water, you can draw from this. Because Shrila Shridhara Maharaj says that in spiritual life there is no periphery, everywhere is a center. Please, think very deeply what it means. In spiritual life there is no periphery, everything is a center – if this is a real spiritual community and service, etc. Once a very dear friend of our Gurudev, who was living in California, was starting his journey back home from Navadvip, from Shrila Shridhara Maharaj. So he said good-bye to his spiritual master, and then Shridhara Maharaj said: “Yes, now you are facing to that very remote part of the world.” California, San Francisco! Our friend said: “I’m going to California! It is not a remote place.” But then he understood: ‘Wait a minute, compared to Mayapur, Navadvip, this is a very remote part of the world.” Because that is a very holy place, the place of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. So from that perspective San Francisco is somewhere there… It doesn’t really exist.

So, how can we choose? I don’t know, by divine mercy it comes to us. Some say that this is like a general practice – you can surrender to any spiritual master. Which is not bad, as a generic instruction. Yet if we personalize this contact more and more, then other sweetness will also appear. But either this way or that way, we should try to find our shelter. I wouldn’t go after famous qualifications like big numbers and this and that. It depends also on our understanding, on our desire – what kind of guidance we are searching for. But definitely we have to check for ourselves if we take the inspiration. If we take the inspiration, then go ahead! This is the way how we find our place.



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