Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Definitely we should not ignore the body. This is not the proper way. But to control; our idea is not to ignore, but to control. Not the body controls us. It depends on the drive, on the impetus that you are working under. Because if we are fully satisfied in our spiritual practices, if you can spiritualize even your every-day activities – then it’s very easy. Still sometimes you over-exhaust your body. But the body is very good structure; it has some security system also. For example if you are too much exhausted, the body just goes to sleep. And this moment I would not call: “O, tama-guna has overpowered me…” No, this is for protecting the bodily functions. For example when the fuse burns. If it’s over-burdened, it stops to prevent more danger. So the body has these functions, different security systems there and they will give signals. For example when you are over-stressed some disease might manifest in your body. These are obvious signals that you should consider. And not take the pills, but change the reason of the problem, the source of the problem.


Usually almost all of the devotees come very like yogis. They are very strict with their bodies and they torture the body in the beginning; but later on they will pay the price. So better to be balanced in the beginning and balanced in the future, the end.


But that is also true: the body is much stronger than what we believe, what we think. For example in ancient times when they were in war, they were fighting all day with big swords that you cannot even move now – without eating, of course! “Wait, this is my lunch-break!” – no! How come! So if there is life and death case, you will find your hidden recourses. But when we are having, you know, relaxed time, very comfortable life, then you say: “O, it’s too much exhaustion.” You don’t even start doing this, because it’s too heavy.


And if somebody is really connected, he or she can become superhuman. It is possible – to overcome the limits of the body. But for that reason we must be connected very strongly, very living connection is necessary. Don’t forget, Krishna says: “I’m the ability in men.” So actually this is not our power, this is His power. And He is unlimited.


And we can generate our energies by our spiritual practices. By more chanting, more meditation, more good service, you can improve even your physical bodily level. Until we are not there to be independent of the body, we should not imitate that, because then the body will revolt. So – control, again I can say control. No neglect, but control. If somebody’s work, leisure time, eating and sleeping is not controlled, he cannot be a yogi.

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