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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.08.2015, evening, Ludashto)
(continues from the previous Monday)
Once we had a discussion with devotees. There was a little further enhancement of the question how can we enter the circle of devotees – how a jiva soul can return to the spiritual sky? There was one explanation of this. The basis of the explanation was that there is a lack of manpower in Goloka Vrindavana. Or we can say women-power, not manpower. Because Radharani wants to satisfy Krishna with many beautiful garlands. Shrimati Radharani has 64 excellences. One such excellence is Her capacity to make beautiful flower arrangements. And as She wants to collect different forest flowers for the nice garlands, and She wants to make them, and She wants to arrange them, She needs a lot of helpers. But what She is observing – ‘There’re no helpers here!’ Everybody is engaged in so many different services to the beloved Divine Couple. ‘This one is preparing the betel nuts; the other one is rehearsing a dance; still others prepare the sweetmeats for the evening meeting. Everybody is engaged – I cannot find any helpers here!’ Then She looks around: ‘Ah! Beyond the Viraja river there are some jiva souls! Let’s invite them!’ After this class one very knowledgeable panditji came to me and he said: “I’ve never read this story in the shastras.” Well, what can I say? 
So there are many unknown reasons why we enter the circle of devotees. Please, never forget the divine perspective! We might think that this is for our own benefit, ‘this is my achievement; I like these guys, therefore I also join their company; I like this spiritual master because his eyes are blue, so I join the devotees…’ But please, don’t forget about the divine invitation. There must be a reason why your whole life and this whole universe is arranged in such a way that you meet the devotees. If you were born in Patala-loka, you wouldn’t meet the devotees here – in hell, in the hellish planets you wouldn’t meet these devotees. Maybe you’ll meet other devotees. So there must be a good reason why we are all invited to this group of devotional service. Nothing happens without a reason. Without the roots there are no fruits. 
But my humble suggestion is: don’t think too much about your past – why. If I had met the devotees, let’s be spiritually happy. Because this is the invitation on the personal platform. 
And this I tell you very seriously, that we have to find the reason why we are put together in a group of devotees. What does Krishna expect from us – as individuals, as a group, as a mission? What is the expectation of Krishna? You know, if I have expectations, a very basic spiritual principle will act: expectation equals frustration. Therefore we have to be wise enough: no expectation – no frustration. If you are unconditional, you shall be happy – suprasidati, perfectly happy; if you have expectations, you will be frustrated. 
Then what about the expectations of God? Is He aware of this principle: no expectation, no frustration? It’s a complicated question. And I think mankind has proven thousands of times that they can frustrate God. Nevertheless it is said: the birth of every new baby is a definitive prove that God hasn’t given up the hope in humanity. We are born as children; some remain like that for a whole lifetime. So, please, fulfill this expectation! Make Him happy. If by some incomprehensible fortunate situation somehow we meet the devotees – stay there!
Question of Manjari: Back to your previous explanation: you mentioned that Radharani is inviting new souls and then you said that Krishna is expecting the new souls. My question is if it is Radha, or Krishna, or both, or we don’t know? This is very important to me.
Swami Tirtha: If Krishna invites, or Radhika invites, or both of Them invite – it’s fortunate. If none of Them invites you – it’s a big misfortune. So, somehow or other we have to open up our ears to this divine invitation. 
And don’t forget, the other day we discussed the spiritual alchemy with the three processes: nigredo, albedo and rubedo. Nigredo is the black invitation, albedo is the white invitation and rubedo is the red or golden invitation. Because actually only these colors are there – black, white and golden; no other. Red or golden are the same practically. This is the process that we have to expose ourselves to – either through God’s, or through the Goddess’s, or through Mahaprabhu’s principle the invitation is extended. 
Otherwise in a general way usually the souls should return to their origin – and that is the middle, tatastha position. But by a special mercy, by rupanuga, you can go higher. So if there is an invitation, we have to give an answer. And we can answer by a prayer: to pray for the blessings of the Supreme Lord so that we can serve the holy names. This is the ultimate answer of all our questions. Pray for the divine blessings upon your life, upon your spiritual practices. And follow, continue this beautiful divine process of listening, and chanting, and remembering, and serving, and making friendship, etc., and finally – total surrender. 


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