Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 26.11.2006, Sofia)

We are practicing Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti means divine love, yoga means connection. Everybody likes to be connected. As we have taken birth here on earth, we are connected. We breathe the same air. We live on the same surface. We share similar troubles. And we should live for the highest ideals.
We are connected. And this connection brings influence over us. Just imagine, think – how many influences are there in your life!? You are the son of your mother or the father of your son. You are a husband of your wife or you are a boss of a family. You are servant of a country, friend of your friends, enemy of your enemies. We have different roles, so many different roles. Our life is just like a network. And this network brings us different roles.
These roles give some conditionings to us. And we are connected to our roles. If you make a list how many different roles and how many different engagements you have, it is a long list. And just think, if you would all of a sudden lose all your conditionings, you would feel “I have lost myself!” Just imagine, you lose your family, you lose your job, you lose your identity card – big trouble all of a sudden! In normal condition we think that we are like this, we are like that, I am this, I am that – we have false identifications. We are under the influence of these roles and the network. Very few people are ready to search for their real identity. And even less people are able to change their identity. But there is one basic rule. If you want to get out from one influence, you have to put yourself under another influence. This is an important message, please, pay attention! If you feel any burden on your hearts, on your shoulders, this comes from the conditionings that you have. So free yourself from these conditionings! But this is only possible if you put yourself under another conditioning. But instead of a bitter conditioning, take sweet one. Illusion – or the network of conditioning – can teach you by the stick. Krishna can also teach us, but His stick has holes. That stick is His flute.
So come under divine conditioning! Come under divine influence!
Life is… What is life? Some say a path, a river. Very optimistic. Be more realistic. Suffering. The more pessimistic might say: life is a failure. Somebody told me that the world is a ship, sinking fast. Yes… without the divine influence our life is a failure. So, invite the divine influence in your life! We are not born for suffering. Ultimately this life is a chance to take the experience and to express our connections. Instead of suffering for yourself, you could serve the Supreme Lord in a happy mood. Instead of lack, you could have fulfillment.
Life is an adventure. We are guests here. Wanted or unwanted – I do not know. But we should search for our home. Because we are either at home, or we are homesick. Do you feel at home? Or you feel that you want to find the way back home, back to Godhead? So render, with a happy mood render yourself under the divine protection.
It is difficult to give up our attachments. But Krishna can make the magic.

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