Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 9 of September 2005, Ahtopol)
Narottam das Thakur is a very special person, as you all know. And the name is very instructive, because “nara” means “man, human being” and “uttam” means “highest”. So Narrottam is superhuman. BUT then also comes “das” – high type of person in a low position, in a service position. I think this is the appropriate vaishnava ideal what kind of mentality we should have. We should become superhuman in one sense; and on the other hand we should become humble servants of God and people.
How to become superhuman? Not by force, not by power. It is also possible – to gain more and more power. But if we collect our power against the divine arrangement and harmony of the world or if we hurt others’ feelings, then later on we have to pay the price. So how a devotee is collecting power? By distributing. By distributing the Holly Name, by chanting aloud, ALOUD the Holly Name devotional power is generated. So if we hurt the interest, or the sphere, or the emotional life of others, then we can say that this is harm, this is kind of sinful activity, intrusion. And there is a level in human existence, where sinful activities cannot stand without being measured and balanced. That is the level of justice. But justice will not make us happy. But mercy can be extended where justice stops.
Therefore if we can combine these two aspects – to become superhuman, I mean beyond the normal, the average human capacities – to become a real human being AND in a humble way…! This is Narottam das. High type of person in a low position; therefore WE add “Thakur”. What is “Thakur”? Lord. Actually this was used, as far as I know, also as a title of God, Lord, Supreme. So: the high type of person in a low position – he is our Lord.
We have to treat Chaitanya nice. We have to find a way how to do this. But following the footsteps of the previous acharyas we can learn something about this. Because what is the desire of Narottam das Thakur? “When I will be trembling when calling out Gauranga? When tears will decorate my eyes while chanting the names of Lord Hari?” And this is not a false demonstration of pseudo-feelings, but something real – and the real things you usually hide. If we have this desire, then this is the way to become superhuman, to become Narottam – nara uttama.
“Wherever You are, that is Vrindavan.” If we have this vision, if we treat Chaitanya nice – wherever You are, that is Vrindavan – it’s very easy to come to Vrindavan.

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