Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 11.01. 2014, morning, Sofia)


Such a bright morning! The fog has gone. This is just like when you understand something about the divine science. Before we are covered by the fog of ignorance and when Krishna appears on the horizon of our heart, all the darkness and fog is dispelled, and such a bright light, just like today, appears in our consciousness. For a devotee everything tells about his beloved Lord. If you see the Sun, Surya, this tells you about the Supreme Lord. If you don’t see the Sun, only the fog, it also tells you about God Supreme. 

And for these moments of enlightenment we have to be very grateful. Because we feel very uneasy and very disturbed if we don’t understand something, if our picture is not complete. But if we start to see a better picture or a more complete version of the same picture that we have seen before, that’s an improvement. 

The other day somebody asked what spiritual progress is. This is spiritual progress – if our picture about the Truth is more integrated. Just like for a loving mother everything tells about her beloved son: ‘Ah, here we used to walk hand-in-hand with him,’ or: ‘Ah yes, this was his favorite fruit,’ etc., in the same way for a lover of God, Krishna, everything tells about Him. This is the real revelation. We have to acquire such a vision that Krishna is not able to hide from us. Therefore we try to follow the guidance of our superiors and teachers so that we may accomplish this beautiful journey. 

May I have a request? We need a little practical help from volunteers. Because we have been using this building – the corridors and the staircase – so many of us for this whole week. If some happy volunteers can join our service to clean this place a little bit? Because this is a fasting day, Ekadashi, and that is very good for spiritual cleansing. We can use our hands also in this spiritual cleansing the temple and the temple area. If you can help, please contact Pavitra and Tejasvini, they will organize this service, so that the light of the sun should fully emanate and sparkle in our corridors. Because if we help cleansing the temple area, actually we help cleansing our heart. So please, join this meditation. 

(to be continued)


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