Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Intelligent person does not derive crude enjoyment, but fine. What is the milk of the cow? The milk is coming out of the udder, but big veins are going in the udder. So practically this is the blood of the cow. Just like a mother – with all your bodily energy you just nourish your kids. The same is happening – the cow puts her LIFE into the milk. So the bramins enjoy the blood of the cow in such a fine and delicate way – through milk. In the slaughter-houses they enjoy it directly. But that is very basic contact of the senses and the sense objects. You have to be intelligent, how – so to say – to enjoy things in the proper manner. Don’t kill the cow, take the milk.

Intelligent person wants to achieve permanent happiness – not this little enjoyment that is coming from the senses. Permanent and perfect happiness. Because this is our nature, this is our birth right, we can say. So be intelligent enough to search for ultimate happiness.

Practically our process is not yoga of renunciation, this is yoga of dedication. “Hrishikena hrishikesha sevanam bhakti ruchate – Service of the Lord of the senses by the senses, with the senses is called Bhakti, devotional service.”

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