Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There are many chances to make some extra-effort, to make some sacrifice. But this is a very bad expression “sacrifice”. We can say “offering”.


So if a devotee wants to achieve something better, some more delicate feelings for example, or you have something to resolve in your private life, personal devotional life – then it’s very useful to chant more – you take some extra rounds of chanting. Or you ask for some specific services, simple services. Or you make a vow. Making vows is also part of the spiritual progress. And if we do this – it should be done with the blessings of the spiritual master. Like giving up some favorite foodstuff, it’s very useful for control. And you know, from these little tapasyas strength will come, because the source of strength is renunciation. Therefore the guru burns. Because he has renounced everything. Therefore he is just like fire. But by little tapasya little strength you can get easily.


But finally our whole life should be a sacrifice. And this can be achieved only through devotion, only through Bhakti. If you love somebody it’s very easy to renounce everything else. Naturally you forget about everything else. Mother should not think: “Yes, I have to care for my kids.” It’s natural. Feeling is coming. Feeling is very strong. Therefore we should bow down our heads to the power of feelings. But – purified, divine, spiritual feelings. Not the material reflections.

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