Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.05.2017 evening, Rila)

(continues from the previous Friday)

 So, all of a sudden our ascetic, renouncing the whole world, giving up the huge kingdom and all the wealth and opulence, fully fixed in meditation, becomes a cross-gender father. The natural feelings start to manifest. Somebody came to him by destiny and ‘I am here to help, to save.’ I think we all would act in a similar manner. And then immediately you are involved in the situation. Your independence, your freedom, your meditation has gone. You are involved. You don’t have the proper vision to observe what’s going on. It’s not the small deer hit by the waves of the water, but you are drowning in the waves of the things happening around you.

And certain very important things are mentioned here. Like this doe, the mother was a black one, a black deer. And there are certain features, how to judge whether a country or an area is blessed or not. It is said: “If there is a black deer or spotted deer around, it’s blessed.” This is an auspicious animal. I don’t know how many spotted deer we have around…

Mahadev: There is one in the Sofia zoo.

Swami Tirtha: Good. We have to be attentive to the signs. Signs are all around, just pay attention.

This affection of Bharata Maharaja towards the small deer – I think it’s a very sweet one. When it itched, he scratched it – that is very sweet. When we had cows, they also enjoyed so much petting and taking care. When you do like this to the cow, she requires more – so much so that tears start to flow from her eyes. This is an exchange, an extra-gender exchange. Because usually we change emotions within the human race. But at a first glance this is very sweet, very much caring – attention and care. We as human beings also love our beloved ones in a very similar manner. We want to provide a better life for them than what we experienced. You try to help and exclude all the troubles and challenges from the life of your sons and daughters. Is that good?

Answer: Yes, in one sense.

Swami Tirtha: Yes, maybe in the beginning it gives you a sweet feeling. But you know there are emblematic animals representing different types of loving and affectionate moods towards subordinates. One is monkey love – this is when you try to over-care and always live instead of them. And what is the result of such type of education? From a small monkey you can make a big monkey. What are the other types of educational directions? Let’s take the lion. Lion’s care, especially the he-lion’s care is bloody. Because a lion plays the role of an alpha-male. And in case, even from his own blood, a he-lion is born, he will kill him. ‘I have my place, I have my harem, nobody should enter here – finish.’ This is the lion’s type of education. While there is a third animal – this is the eagle; the eagle’s type of education. Where is the nest of the eagle? It’s very high, but in very risky places – cliffs, high mountains. And when the small kids start to be lazy and enjoying the situation, they are kicked out. Without having the ability to fly. So, then what happens? From a very high and prestigious position you are hurled down the cliffs, without the ability to open your wings. You fall, almost crush on the cliffs. But before the ultimate hit, your superior comes under you and elevates you.

So, there are different methods of education, how to take care of your next generation: in a monkey way, lion’s way, or an eagle’s way. But if somebody survives the third type of education, he will fly high.

It looks like Bharata Maharaja has chosen the first type – trying to protect and care, and take all possible means to save and to serve and to fondle the small one. So much so, that after few days he forgot everything about spiritual advancement. Few days only! And strange enough, that point was mentioned in the previous chapter also, do you remember? “By his divine rapture in offering and serving Vasudeva, slowly-slowly he started to forget about the basic regulative principles.” Slowly; but here very quickly he is forgetting everything! Emotions, attachments are here. And of course if somebody takes your shelter, you have to provide. What can you say if somebody comes to you and asks for some help? “Please, help me!” – “No, I won’t”? We cannot say that. And who is stronger? Who is more humble – that is stronger. Because he can enforce his or her will on the other.

(to be continued)

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