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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 04.01.2016 evening, Sofia)

(continued from the previous Monday)
Once I heard a story about a man. He had a near-death experience. In this very special state of mind he had crossed the universe and ultimately met God. And God asked him to give a list of his sins and mistakes. So he started to collect his so to say official mistakes. You know, if we examine ourselves a little bit, we can make such a list; so he also made his list. And when he handed over this to God, The Supreme was very dissatisfied. He said: “Not this one, not this one! This is not serious. But one thing you didn’t add to your list – you were not affectionate to your daughter.” This was the only real sin, the only real mistake that He stressed. And then He said: “Therefore go back! Back to this planet Earth!”
Just imagine yourself in this case: you meet the Supreme, you have to submit your case. And you know – to meet God is only one step away from full perfection. Because He can invite you: “Ah, My dear son, My dear daughter, so nice that you came, just sit by My side!” But then He says: “Back!” It’s a very bad feeling. Yet if you return, you return in a different mood. It’s not the same person anymore. You have started with a long list and now you return with only one task – to correct that one real mistake. 
In our process what is a sin? It’s a misuse of energies. The most general and generous explanation about sinful activities – this is when you apply a higher type of energy on a lower purpose or platform. Our life is very sacred and very high class energy. Our prana, our life energy is sacred. So we shouldn’t waste it for some insignificant ambitions. We should use it for the best purpose. Don’t use, don’t waste your precious life with some stupid activities. 
Therefore Krishna says: “In case there is any trouble, any negative consequences if you give up all other engagements for the service of the Supreme – I will protect you.” And please, don’t forget: sometimes we think that the reactions will come later, but maybe this is already a reaction what we perceive. So please, do torture yourself a little bit with feeling guilty – still don’t over-torture yourself. Don’t focus on your mistakes; better we focus on the solution. We have to decide whether we are part of the problem or of the solution. And Rupa Goswami said that Krishna can protect us from any trouble. Therefore if we come, if we submit ourselves under this divine protection, we shall be safe. 
So, this is about the relief from material distress. Material distress is a reaction of some previous mistaken activities. And material success is a reaction of some positive engagement – this is called a good karma; suffering is a bad karma. So, what do you want: a bad karma or a good karma? 
Yashoda: No karma.
Swami Tirtha: Clever. Because karma means bondage. Whether good or bad – it’s bondage. And even those who have good karma, so to say, they can blow it, they can misuse the good opportunity. So, we should become transcendental, spiritual to the karmic action-reaction platform. Jump! From the bad habits, from the bad practice jump to some good practice. 
(to be continued)


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