Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25th of November 2006, Sofia)

If we have devotion to Krishna, even the mistakes become glorious. Therefore we can say that a vaishnava, or a bhakta is always good, there is no bad bhakta. Bhakta is good, better and best. Even a young, a neophyte bhakta is just an uncut diamond, in a rough state. Even in that state it is very precious. But when it becomes a brilliant after cutting, handling nicely and polishing, then all the shine will come forth. If all the devotees are uncut diamonds, we need a master, who will make brilliants out of them.
We can say that the brilliant is the essence of a diamond. Then what is diamond? It is the essence of graphite, and ultimately coal. Still something must be added to the coal to become a diamond. What is that? Time and pressure. Big pressure. Both are necessary. It does not mean a lot of suffering, but this is a process. We have to pay the price. Because you use the coal in the stove and you take only the heat. But you do not burn your brilliants. Because brilliants will bring different vibrations. No lady would ever be so stupid to decorate herself with black pieces of coal. Therefore you know, in the beginning of the love affair the future husband comes with a brilliant ring. Few carats, not even one gram. But if you come with ten kgs of coal to conquer her – it does not work. Coal and diamond bring different vibration. We should all become cut diamonds. Do not remain coal. It is useless to wash the coal – it will remain black. Nevertheless if you give pressure and if you give time, from the dark and black coal transparent diamond can become.
And how to use the bad sides in the spiritual process? We have to identify the bad sides, what are the bad elements in our life. What are the six enemies that we have? Kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (illusion), mada (madness) and matsarya (envy). Kama, krodha, lobha are the three main enemies. How can we use them? How can we apply in the spiritual process kama?! Take the example of Kubja. Kubja was a hunchbacked lady. But she had passionate love for Krishna. And her love was so strong, she wanted to serve Krishna so much, that big transformation happened in her life. You know, Krishna has a special taste. He does not like hunchbacked ladies. He likes beauties. Therefore when Kubja was bringing a pot of sandalwood paste to offer it to Krishna with all the prayers, then Krishna decided: “Well, I do not like the form of this young girl, better we make some little corrections here.” He stepped on the feet of Kubja, fixing her, and catching her by the neck. All of a sudden from hunchbacked she became with erect back. By the divine touch from the questionable beauty started to become an incredible beauty. So if you have this passionate love, this kama approach to God, you can use it, no problem.
And krodha, anger? You should be angry at your mistakes. Best use of your anger! Lobha or greed? We discussed before that without real greed, you cannot catch Krishna. You must have spiritual greed, you must be greedy for bhakti. Then moha, illusion. How can we use illusion in bhakti, which is for enlightenment?! The goal is enlightenment and you use illusion for that – it is impossible! No, even illusion we can use and worship, because we want to forget that God is great. We want a personal God, a friendly God, easy to approach. This is a kind of illusion, but divine illusion. Then mada – madness. We should be mad for Krishna. Do not have a well-mannered ecstasy! This is just like a controlled wild fire. Wild fire should be wild. And the ultimate one is envy, matsarya. This one you cannot use. Envy cannot be used in spiritual progress. This is the only thing that should be excluded from the process. All other mistakes you can use. Even these enemies can be applied in our progress.

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