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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.01.2016 morning, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Monday) 

A neophyte is a person who is very economic. Just like when you are in the kitchen. What do you do if you have enough butter? Then you cut the butter and put a big piece on the top of your bread, right. Thick lump of butter and a little bread. But what happens if you are in a scarcity of butter? Big piece of bread and a little butter. Spiritual knowledge is the same – the less you have it the more you spread it. This is the case of a neophyte – the less experience you have, the more you try to spread it. Of course, I don’t say to shut up totally. But be careful about your butter. First pile up a stock of butter; then distribute.

How can we pile up our butter? By associating with pure devotees who have unlimited stock. And don’t think that they are misers, that they don’t distribute their butter. But they preserve the butter for someone who likes it so much. One name of our Lord is Makhanchor. Chor means to take, to get a share for Himself. He will steal your butter. Therefore we have to have a stock. Otherwise if Krishna comes, what is it He can steal from you? Makhanchor is a very sweet name of Krishna. Many times you have seen a picture of Him as a small baby with a big pot of butter that He is licking. Actually this is not simple butter, this is makhan. Makhan is like a sweet whipped cream.

And you know this example when Krishna steals the butter from His mother and the neighbors – this is very instructive. Of course butter is very precious. Yet Krishna is freely enjoying it at home, sometimes He is going to the neighbors also to steal the butter; feeding Himself on it, feeding also the gopals, and when they are also fed up with this butter, then He freely distributes it to the monkeys. Come on, your most precious stock is distributed to these nonsense monkeys?! Of course the neighbor ladies were upset by this habit of Krishna. And they raised their complaints to Mother Yashoda: “You have to do something, you have to control your boy. He is very naughty. He always comes to our home and steals the butter. He has to go under some penance.” Then Mother Yashoda will say: “Ah, I’m very sorry! All right, then what can I do, what can I do…? Maybe I will take away His ornaments?” Because His ornaments and precious stones shine so much that even in the dark shadowy corners of your home He will find your butter. But then the ladies were horrified: “Ah, don’t do that! How can you take away the ornaments from Him?! Anyway these are not the ornaments that make Him more beautiful, He makes the ornaments more beautiful.” Then finally Mother Yashoda took Krishna by the hand and said: “My dear son, what are you doing? I heard that You are going to the neighbors to steal the butter. You know, stealing is not nice! And don’t you have enough butter here at home? You know that we have a stock for You, You can enjoy this butter anytime.”

But we can understand from this story that Krishna of course will take the home butter that is preserved for Him. He has a share and He will accept it. But He will take from home the butter for the market also – which is not preserved for Him, but for other purpose. He will take this. And not only from the home, but from the neighbors also. What does it mean? That He accepts whatever is dedicated to Him. But He will also take what we try to preserve for ourselves. So don’t be surprised. He will be very satisfied with your offering, but then He will claim more rights from you.

Therefore we need a big stock of butter. And you know what the butter is – the butter is the essence of milk. Life is the milk; and what is the essence of life? Correct, this is affection. We have a milky life and we need buttery love. In order to achieve the butter, you have to churn, you have to churn. We have to churn our life in order to achieve the essence. And therefore we try to associate with pure devotees and devotees in general.

(to be continued)



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