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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.01.2013, evening, Sofia)

(continued from the previous Friday) 

Question: I’d like to ask if faith is a function of our free will, or it is also predestined.

Swami Tirtha: Generally people say that faith is a gift. And usually gift comes from somebody, it’s not collected in your pockets, somebody gives this to you. Where does the faith come from? In the Bhagavad Gita it is described: ‘Faith comes from the association of the saints, from the holy company’. If we associate with faithful people, we shall collect some faith. If we associate with drunkards, we shall also become a drunkard. So, select your company. But once we enter this divine company, I think our free will is gone. Why? Because this company of the saints and this divine atmosphere is so sweet that we cannot get rid of that. It’s so charming. Is that free will that you cannot get rid of something? It’s not! But are we ready to enjoy such a situation? Yes! With happiness we are ready to jump into this… well, I wanted to say ocean of nectar, but it is really like that.

Human beings usually have very limited free will and usually it doesn’t happen in the way how generally people feel or think about free will: ‘I can decide whether I am a king or a beggar.’ You cannot! It is said in the Shrimad Bhagavatam for example that the fate of the gopis is written on their foreheads. That means their fate is predicted. Much of our fate is also written on our foreheads or on other parts of the body. For example on your palms. What is written there? Have you checked? Actually what do you see in your palms?

Yamuna: A network of lines.

Swami Tirtha: Do you see some characters, some letters there? Do you see the “M”? So, two M’s are written on both of our palms – what is that? Actually this is written in Latin so everybody can understand, irrespective of your country, language and culture. This is memento mori – remember death. You are given two hands – to remember that you will pass. We all have to pass. So, live with this memory. This is not a fearful memory or an expectation, no – this is reality. So, we should live in such a way that we could freely go.

But you know meanwhile sometimes we experience little difficulties. Karma strikes back. Therefore people are very keen on visiting this kind of trainings like karma-release training for a weekend. ‘Give me the quick and easy method of liberation!’ Although we also have a method of changing your fate, changing your lines even. It’s very simple. You have to clap during the bhajan – bhajan is when we sing and we clap. This will change the lines on your palms. This will change your fate. So, the best, easiest and quick method of ‘how to erase my karma’ is this.

Usually people like the expensive weekend trainings. So, if you want to pay also, you can put a little donation into the box. Then your material misconception will also feel satisfied. ‘Yes! It was so expensive that it’s for sure!’ Because we are so stupid. If something is free, then we think it’s worthless.

(to be continued)


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