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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2013, morning, Sofia)


Question of Kripadham: We had a discussion in one of our meetings. Even there was homework after that, and this was: “What are we going to do if we directly meet God?” So, if you can share with us what is proper?

Swami Tirtha: This is a very serious topic. But let’s start with something joyful. You can see the distortions of the present age. Some people wait for UFO’s to meet, not to meet God. Once I heard a so to say ‘preacher’ of this UFO faith: ”In case you meet the aliens, you must have a bottle of beer with you, because they like beer very much. But also you must have a straw with you, this is very important, because they cannot drink from the bottle.” People are ready to believe anything! Come on! An alien is running after your beer?! And he cannot drink from the bottle – come on, it’s stupid! Just to show you the extremities of life; people so much desire something: ‘I have such a miserable life! Something should happen! At least an alien comes!’ But better we focus our attention on God.

There is an ancient story. There was an old lady who was collecting firewood and carrying the load on her back. And as she was religious, when she was carrying this heavy load she was saying: “Oh, Narayana, Narayana! Oh, my Lord! Oh, my Lord!” She was praying, which is nice. And as she was carrying her load, it was so heavy that she had to stop for a while and take a rest. Then again while sitting she said: “Oh, my Lord! Oh, my Lord!” All of a sudden God appeared and He said: “Oh, My dear daughter! You were praying, you were calling for Me so sweetly. You were calling My name and I’m coming. What do you want? I will fulfill your desires.” Then the old lady said: “Well, can You help with the load – to put it back on my shoulders?”

So, if you meet God, be clever with your desires. So far the jolly part. But this is a very serious topic because once I had the chance to talk to Shrila Sadhu Maharaja and I asked: “What is more important – theoretical knowledge or experience?” and I couldn’t really accomplish my question, immediately he interrupted and said: “Experience!”

We are searching for divine experience, right? We do not search for theoretical knowledge. If I tell you some theoretical knowledge, the only reason why is to help you. But you have to accomplish. If I tell my experience, it is not your experience. Our search for divinity is an eternal search. But this is also an endless search because our Lord is endless. He has endless aspects and beauties. So, if you think that you are very close, you can go even closer.

Maybe it’s not so easy to see God, but it’s very easy to see the imprint of His hands. You can see His creation, you can see His energy manifested everywhere. That is a way to approach. When you are in trouble, or when you are in a happy mood, you can call out His name. Just try and you will see. You don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to trust me. Try it!

But there is another description of meeting God. There is one hero in our scriptures, he was a young man and he was very intent on reaching this absolute platform – to meet God. So, he had to go through different phases of life, through different experiences and finally he entered the divine realm. But the story is described from the other side. Not from his perspective: ‘I am going through all these difficulties and finally enter there.’ No! From the other side. This is very idyllic. Krishna is there as a small cowherd boy and His friends are enjoying with Him. The little cows are grazing around. The boys are running up and down, wrangling sometimes, running just like ordinary boys. They had finished their breakfast, so they are in a very happy mood. But all of a sudden a stranger appears, a new boy. “Who is he?” all the boys are surprised: “Who is this young boy? We never saw him!” Krishna also recognizes this new partner and immediately embraces this newcomer. So, all the old friends are embarrassed. “How come? This neophyte comes and Krishna embraces him! What’s this? We don’t know who this person is!” And then Krishna not only embraces him, but tells glorification: “Oh, my dear one, I am so happy that you came! I know how much trouble you have taken to reach Me. Welcome! I am happy that you came!”

So, this is my suggestion. Leave it up to Him how He will invite you.

Please go on with your studies of the Shrimad Bhagavatam. This book is so sacred that this is considered to be an incarnation of God Krishna. He had withdrawn from this world, but the Bhagavatam is left here with us. So, this is very important to study, to approach, to worship in this way. It can change your life.


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