Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If we come together on some spiritual purpose, we should know we should practice meditation and we should focus on motivation. Meditation is very popular these days. Sometimes people meditate on their business prospects or some future husbands. We all meditate on something; but what is the motivation? Meditation without good motivation will not work. Although this as a process is very powerful.

For example, how is the butterfly born? Where does it come from? It comes from the caterpillar. The caterpillar whole life long is meditating how to become a butterfly. Everybody likes butterflies, maybe except the gardeners, yet usually people like them. But people are not so fanatic about worms, caterpillars. How from a caterpillar to turn to a butterfly? This is a question of meditation.

And in our human existence without the divine touch we are just like caterpillars. No matter that we have only two legs, the condition is the same. But to manifest the divine qualities of our soul we must convert from a caterpillar into the butterfly condition. Usually men are satisfied with their own human level of existence. We are satisfied unless we do not know something higher. Immediately when something higher comes to our consciousness, we will go for it. This is motivation. A caterpillar is able to move only in very slow speed and is very much limited on the trees and the leaves but the butterfly can fly without any limitation. In our present situation we are limited by so many, so many unlimited numbers of conditions. To be a man or a woman determines so many things in our life. If somebody is trying to fight for her rights as a woman, equal rights for women, I tell you, it is impossible. Because men cannot give birth to babies. This is your special right! And if you want equal rights with the men, you should provide equal rights to men. It is impossible; we should find our own dharma, our duty.

Still it is possible to turn from a limited human being into a purified spirit soul. For that we practice yoga. Yoga means to be connected. Connected with what? With the supreme source of bliss, eternity and knowledge. This is yoga; yoga means to be connected with the Supreme Lord. And there are many different schools of yoga. Our specific school of yoga that we follow is the bhakti type of yoga. Bhakti means devotional feeling. Actually this is the language of the soul. When you speak yourself and God Supreme. This is real meditation; and we must have the perfect motivation also – to become an unconditional servant of the Supreme. Which are high words. Still it is possible to put it into practice.

We came together to celebrate. To celebrate the victory of the soul over matter. To celebrate the victory of our spiritual identity over our bodily conditioning.

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