Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




Question: Could you repeat again the ways of controlling the mind?

Tirtha Maharaj: “Satisfaction, simplicity, gravity, self-control and purification of one’s existence.”[1] Actually it is said: “gravity”. The original word is “maunam” – maunam means to keep silence. Why? Because by speaking too much you are losing your energy. This is one way to lose energy – to speak too much. The other way I don’t mention now. So we should not speak nonsense. And nonsense means anything that is not connected to Krishna. Can you show me such a thing? So we can speak whatever we like – ha-ha!

Anyway, if there is no real proper topic that will help us and the others in their spiritual progress, we should not speak, we should keep silence – this is the real meaning of maunam. Keep silence for the world and be an eloquent speaker for the higher world. If we glorify God permanently, that means we keep silence. This is the real maunam – to glorify always.

Question of Kamen: The inner dialogue is also considered maunam?

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, we can say. Otherwise, how sound is generated? By vibration of the vocal cords or by hitting something, right? It gives a noise, it gives a sound. And usually all the sounds are created like this – there is some clash of energies, then the sound is manifested. But the inner sound is different. The inner sound is called anahata. Anahata means “sound, produced not by hitting”. Anahata is a self-resonant sound inside the heart. Shall we make an experiment to listen to this inner voice, inner vibration? Do you hear? No, this is the traffic outside, don’t be mistaken. But to listen to some inner voice we have to use a certain method. Just block your nose and make a surplus pressure in your head. What do you hear?

Kamen: Some humming.

Tirtha Maharaj: Very good! According to Gheranda Samhita. First humming, then beating of the bells and finally thunder. It is described like this. So, you could hear something like waves, like the blood circulating in the body, right? You could hear that. Other thing did you hear?

Somebody: Silence.

Tirtha Maharaj: Silence. That is for the pure hearts. And you could hear the heartbeat, right? The rhythm of your heartbeat, the pumping of the heart. Actually, it gives a very special sound according to the rasa of the devotee. There is a special meaning of the sound vibration. Krish-na, Krish-na, Krish-na. Or: Ra-dhe, Ra-dhe, Ra-dhe – according to your taste. But anyway, the anahata sound, the non-hitting resonant sound, the inner sound is there and if we cultivate, then we shall be able to connect to that sound. This is the inner resonance of the heart. The function of the heart is feelings. And if through feelings we are connected to the Supreme that is the real mysticism.

So the inner dialogue of a spiritual person depends on his intensity, on his cultivation of rasa, his connection to God Supreme. And it is not enough to be a listener to the inner guidance; we have to become a follower. Yogis are satisfied with divine vision; devotees want to follow the instruction also – that they see, or listen, or get.

Sorry if sometimes it was too dry or maybe too much information was transmitted. But nevertheless try to follow these rules for control, because this will purify your existence. And with a controlled life we can achieve much. I think this is very practical. And the best control is this emotional contact.



[1] Bhagavad Gita 17.16

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