Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.01.2018 pm, Sofia)

I am very grateful to be able to come and visit you. Some people like to travel, I like to arrive. Because many start, but few reach. Nevertheless, the point is not to start, but to reach. The start of our human life is already given. But did we really start our journey? And what about arriving home? This is definitely a long trip, yet a glorious path. Because I feel the highest power that we can imagine or perceive is the power of love. Especially when this is the divine love. Therefore we should appreciate this as the dearmost ideal of our heart. This is like a language that we all understand, the original language.

What about you? Do you like travels or do you like reaching your destination?

Baladev: We like most when you arrive.

Swami Tirtha: So, no activity on your side? I have to work again.

Vedavid: It depends on whom you travel with.

Swami Tirtha: Yes, on this long path we do have some companions. Once Gurudev asked: “What is the purpose of the vaishnavas? Why are they sent by Krishna?” We were perplexed and trying to come up with some answers. Finally he said: “The vaishnavas are sent so that we can serve them”. So this is another sacrament for us. This is the basis of our association. It is like a vision; it’s not a habit, it’s a vision. An approach to reality with this loving, serving, friendly mood.

So, whether we like the travelling, or we like the reaching – both are good. Of course, that is also true – without starting you will never reach.

Once we had a friend, he was quite engaged with devotional service, so he was trying to join the group of the devotees. And we had a very dear friend of Gurudev visiting. So, he gave a lecture. And this young man had a question, he asked: “What is your suggestion: if somebody wants to start the spiritual path, wants to join the devotees?” And the answer was very short. “Don’t hesitate!”

So, better we start as soon as possible, because we can never know what happens tomorrow. If something is provided today, it’s absolutely not sure that tomorrow it is also available. Yet it doesn’t concern karmic reactions. If today you have a karmic reaction, it will come tomorrow as well. But if we have a chance for service, it’s not sure that it’s guaranteed, given, tomorrow as well. So the chance we can miss, but the reaction we shall never miss. That shows that the divine chance is a much higher principle than simple karmic reactions, right. Because karmic reactions are due, but divine arrangement is always unsure in one sense. Because reactions are bound to happen. They will come. But divine mercy is not bound, it’s free. It’s like a free gift.


(to be continued)

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