Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We have heard this name of Krishna– Makanchor – so many times. But once we were walking in Ayodhya, Ramachandra’s place, and all of a sudden on the street we met a vender with a big basket covered with something and inside there was something white, like a whipped cream. And you know, it is not very recommended in Indiato eat on the streets. But when I understood what it is, I could not resist, because it was makan. Immediately you could understand: “Ah, they sell makan on the streets. Our Lord likes this makan so much, so we should also take.” So immediately we bought one portion of makan to all the devotees and then we understood some divine quality. Because it was so sweet and so satisfying that we had to take another round. Then I understood why Krishna is stealing that. It is never enough! You can have never enough of that. So charming and so satisfying! Fortunately His energies are unlimited and although He is the best thief, a divine thief, He can create so unlimited quality of makan, that He can steal all the time.

But what is happening? Actually makan is a manifestation of divine energy. So Krishna is stealing His own energy. He is playing with Himself. He creates the makan and He takes the makan. But wait a minute, let us think: what is this makan? What is the symbol behind it? Ah, I forgot to tell that some sugar is also added! It is not simply a whipped cream, but it is sweet. In the material calculation the milk is the product of the cow. So we can say that the essence of the cow is the milk. And the essence of the milk is the butter. And the essence of butter is makan – it is a very, very sweet, whipped essence. You are the cow. Life is your milk. Dedication is your sugar and love is your makan. This is what Krishna wants to steal from you – your sweet love, the only thing He is interested in, nothing else. You can offer Him… what? What we can offer to God?

Somebody: Apples.

Tirtha Maharaj: What? Apples? Good idea, but compared to makan it is nothing. We can offer the wealth of the whole world – it is nothing! You can offer delicious foodstuffs – what you consider delicious foodstuffs – but actually He has raja-bhoga offerings, royal offerings in Vaikuntha planets. How can you compete that? Only by offering a small little portion of makan. Made it sweeter with your dedication. This is the only thing that our Lord is interested to receive from you.

How this name tells – Makan-chor. Not Makan-hari, because that would mean “eating the makan”; Makan-chor means “stealing the makan”. Why is He stealing? I am ready to offer Him! I know that this is the best of all foodstuffs and I am ready to offer this. I am clever, I have understood that love is the greatest energy of life. So I am ready to offer this to the Lord. But a little portion I preserve for myself. Fifty-fifty; I give to Him and I preserve for myself also. Be realistic! What happens if God does not exist; then I will be here empty-handed. Be realistic – something for Him and something for me. But then Makanchor becomes agitated: “What? You want to satisfy Me with fifty percent?! I want the extra fifty percent that you want to preserve for yourself. Plus eight percent as a punishment. So, ultimately I take hundred and eight percent from you.” Makanchor – He will steal what you want to preserve for yourself.

Now I invite everybody to an open and honest confession. Have you ever stolen something? Most of us have tried that. How much happiness you derived from that? Not much, right? Especially if you look back. Before you thought: “Ah, that would be good for me,” but when you did it… it is different. That proves that it was not divine. Because just imagine: God in doubts: “Ah my God, I had stolen the hearts of My devotees!” So God says: “Ah my God! Maybe I committed a mistake?! Maybe that was not right – to steal the hearts of My devotees. But what can I do? I am not satisfied with wishful offerings. I want the essence. Because I know that the obedient ones want to offer me everything. But I know the rebellious ones, who want to preserve something for themselves. They want to preserve the best part for themselves. I want the best part! I cannot tolerate a second one in this picture.”

Do not keep your makan for yourself. Give it to Him, share it with others and then your supply will be unlimited. This is the yoga of affection, this is bhakti.

Therefore Krishnasays in this verse: “I am inside of everything and I am outside. I am Paramatma in your heart to generate your affectionate powers. And I am Krishnafrom outside who will enjoy your loving offering.” How can we offer our love, our affection in the best way to Krishna? There are many ways. But if we call Him by His name: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, He will be very satisfied. And you also will be satisfied. First we give, then we receive.

So, this is what this verse tells to us – the greatest mystery:Krishnais there everywhere, still we should focus our attention more and more, whip the cream, add the sugar and offer this to Him.

Question of Kripadham: As we know the gopis are the most elevated souls that could exist, the most devoted toKrishna. And they have the greatest love for Him. My question is: whyKrishna is stealing their butter? Why He is not stealing Kamsa’s butter?

Brajeshvar: Because his is bitter.

Tirtha Maharaj: He forgot to add the sugar.

Kripadham: Does it mean that the gopis have preserved something?

Tirtha Maharaj: It is too rasik, we cannot enter that question. We might think that this is a spiritual politics. I heard that you will have elections here soon; left wing and right wing. And actually there are these fractions in the gopi groups also. The rightists are always very obedient. They always say “yes”. And the leftists sometimes say “no”. But I cannot go further in these matters. That means you preserve something that will not obediently, officially give; but you want to give more, therefore you preserve something.


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