Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The connection between the disciple and the spiritual master is divine. Everybody should help this connection to grow, not to break it. Sometimes some criticism may come and this should be avoided as much as possible in all your spiritual connections. Never criticize spiritual master or any higher authority of others! If somebody has full faith in a person, why should you interfere there? Krishna is there, do nоt forget! If there is any mistake or any shortage, Krishna will supply and correct. But to disturb the faith of a person is a spiritual killing. This is the greatest sin.


We should protect our faith and we should avoid everything that is disintegrating our connections. Therefore we have to search for such association that helps our faith, connections and spiritual existence to grow. As we are humble vaishnavas everybody should be considered as an authority for us, but it does nоt mean that we shall follow each advice that is coming to us. The basic point is to give the proper respect to everybody. If you try to understand this deeply, then you can avoid personality cult and also this kind of prostitute mentality – when you are not loyal, faithful to your spiritual master. We have to consider everybody as an authority, but at the same time we have to be very firm and strict in our connection.


If I am connected to my dikshaguru[1] deeply and I am in a position to take instructions from him, and if some other authority comes – he is an authority for me if he helps my faith in my spiritual master to grow. Then he is a shiksha-guru[2] for me. This is one very strong qualification – that shikshaguru should serve the connection of the disciple and the dikshaguru. Then everything is smooth. Shikshaguru and dikshaguru work together for our benefit. Diksha-guru gives the divine connection and the general goal: there is Krishna! And by shiksha we can make every day some steps that are necessary.


It is very useful when shiksha and diksha-guru come from one source. This is a kind of fortunate situation – when you can associate with your spiritual master. It is quite rare, not so often, not all the vaishnavas have that position, because maybe the diksha-guru lives far and I see him once or twice a year, or maybe I can write him some letters – there is not too much practical connection. Of course the mystical connection is there and it helps the devotee very much. If I can consult practically for shiksha questions every day with my diksha-guru this is very good. In this way diksha and shiksha come from one source. Of course it does nоt mean that with every little detail I will go to him. Anyway, we should feel the chance to approach the spiritual master at any moment. In this way the diksha-guru and the different shiksha levels help each other to grow. This is the association of the higher level.



[1] Diksha-guru – spiritual master who gives initiation.


[2] Shiksha-guru – spiritual master who gives instructions and spiritual advice.

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