Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Once one very nice old friend told that there are only two options: whether we enter a family or we join the ashram. Why it is like this? Because the soul has certain capacity and this capacity is called affection. We have a loving capacity and if we cannot share our loving capacity, then we feel choked out.

Yes! We have to SHARE. Therefore we need company – on any level. Any kind of human relationship is for that purpose. Friends, family, kids, spiritual brothers and sisters – the same purpose. To share, to exchange, to grow together. This is basic. Therefore the purpose of sadhu-sangha is to share this loving capacity, nothing else on the practical level. It’s not to have a partner, it’s not to have somebody who contributes to the bills, it’s not that we can eat together so nice – no! Devotional company should be for sharing, to practice Bhakti. How can you love God if you don’t love His children? Sadhu-sangha.

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