Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 11.05.2017 am, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Snakes are also mentioned in the Chaytanya Caritamrita. It says: Just like in the loving affairs – if you put a young boy and a young girl together, very soon an affectionate relationship will develop. And this love moves in a meandering way, like a snake. Loving affairs always move like a snake. My dear ones, better be a yogi with undisturbed consciousness, than to tolerate these moments of ups and downs. This love moves in a zigzag way. I think you all have your experience about that. No? You don’t understand? Let’s discuss more? But sorry, in the beginning we understood that the material suffering and happiness are not concerning the absolute truth. So, it’s better to tolerate all these impressions in this material sphere and try to focus on the divine platform.

But if you commit yourself to divine love, it also moves in a zigzag way. Sometimes They meet, other times They are separated. Sometimes there is an artificial conflict between Radha and Govinda, but only to enhance the taste. As we understood, the opposition enhances the beauty. But please, don’t quote me on this point. When you oppose your spiritual superiors, don’t say: “Guruji, the opposition enhances the beauty, so I don’t do what you want”. Don’t quote me on that.

Question of Paramananda: On the serpent topic: could you, please, say something about the snake Kaliya?

Swami Tirtha: Kaliya, a poisonous snake, tried to hide in one of the parts of the Yamuna river. And by his presence he poisoned this pool. But all these problems were only for a reason – so that he could achieve his liberation. He was a very dignified person, also having his family together with him, the snake ladies. And when Krishna jumped into the waters where he was residing, everybody was afraid – of the poison, of the danger of the big snake. And when they saw that it was coiling around Krishna and trying to squeeze Him, then almost everybody on the shore died. So, if the powers go against the Supreme – any powers that you have – this will create trouble. And of course it looked like the snake might overcome Krishna, but all of a sudden Krishna started to expand and slip out of the catch of the snake Kaliya. Then frorm this very tragic scene of life danger, a scene of beauty evolved – our Krishna started to dance. For a dance you usually need either a ball room, or a dance parquet. And now the hoods of Kaliya started to act like the parquet. And he had many hoods, he had beautiful precious stones on his heads. But in this way his head served the lotus feet of our Lord. And these precious stones on the hoods became like offerings at the lotus feet. Also we can see that even the chastisement coming from Krishna is artistic. He saved His beloved ones and chastised the snake king in an artistic manner.

Of course, there are many more explanations of this dance – that ultimately He didn’t want to chastise the snake, but he wanted to show His expert dance to somebody standing on the shore. But that is not really connected to the snake Kaliya. This is connected to the serpentine zigzag way of divine affection. Any other non-biological comments? Yes, please.

Comment of Madhava Sangini: In the Hindu philosophy it is mentioned that the snake represents desires and wishes. So, when somewhere Krishna dances over them it means that we have to control the wishes and desires. Krishna is showing how to control the desires by the dance, by the beauty.

One of the aspect of the serpent is connected with Kamadeva also.

Swami Tirtha: Very nice, this is what I wanted to say. The utmost representative of desire is Kamadeva, right – love, passion. And if Krishna is far away, then Kamadeva is very close to you. But when Krishna is close, Kamadeva is hiding, running away.

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