Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We can examine guru theoretically very much. But until your heart does not give you the signal, it’s empty. And if you have that signal, it doesn’t really mater if all the requirements are fulfilled or not. Because before we had so many ideas: “he should be like this, he should be like that…” But when you meet, may be he is quite different. But by voluntary surrender we can come closer and by feelings we can identify more and more: “Yes! This direction, this example is very beneficial for me.”

What is your opinion: love makes you blind or makes your vision sharp? I think love makes you blind. Because by love, by affection you can forget about the mistakes or shortcomings. By affection you can overcome all the limitations. And I can identify – yes, this is my target, this is my example, this is my guru. In the same way if you want to see only good in the other person – you will be able to see only good in the other person, irrespective of his or her qualities! If you are simple-minded, you will see everybody as nice. If you are over-complicated, you will see everybody off the line. “He is not meeting MY requirements, MY standards!”

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