Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We get difficulties according to capacities also. Everybody gets what he deserves. But this is not true, don’t believe it! Everybody gets better from what he deserves. Because Krishna is merciful, He is not just. He is merciful. So He is not giving what we deserve, He gives much better. Krishna is also partial, tendentious. Very much. He prefers his devotees.


We say in Hungarian that you beat such a horse that pulls the string. Because if somebody performs, then you expect more and more. If somebody is a lazy guy, you don’t pay attention. I cannot expect too much from this horse, he can stay alone. Or the other expression that “palm tree is growing under the burden”. Do you understand?


There is no love without pain. This is the basic equation. In devotional mathematics first equation is like this: there is no love without pain. But suffering is good in one sense, because it also generates energy. And if you can offer your sufferings for the sake of other’s benefit – that’s a great service. Just like Lord Jesus sacrificed his life and all his followers take advantage of this. In the same way the disciple gives all his life – or her life – to Krishna, to vaishnavas, to the spiritual master. This is a sacrifice. And by this sacrifice everybody can be benefited. But this is not a killing sacrifice, this is not a painful sacrifice – it’s a natural dedication. May be better we use this expression – dedication – because “sacrifice” gives not good taste. Do you agree?


Lord Jesus was suffering, but he was not conveying suffering to others. He gave liberation!

Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur said before he died: “O, I had given trouble to many of you. But there was only one reason – to make you more conscious of Krishna”.

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