Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


The beloved one of human beings is God. But who is the beloved one of God? This is what we have to search. God is the mystery of mysteries, but the beloved of God is even higher mystery.

In one sense we can say that all the living entities are the beloved of God. Because we hope that God loves all of us. But actually He’s got some preferences. He prefers those who love Him. And there is one specific person who loves God the most.

Of course generally if people speak about religion, even to understand that there is a Supreme Lord is difficult to accept for some. But to understand that there are some very intimate companions of that Supreme Lord is even more difficult. Due to cultural reasons we can only imagine angels. But there are some beyond the angels. So all those very intimate companions of Krishna are practically beyond our imagination. It’s impossible to understand those levels of existence. But is it necessary to understand the absolute truth? What do you think, Paramananda Prabhu?

Paramananda: I think it is necessary to live the absolute truth.

Tirtha Maharaj: Correct, they say that it is not only unnecessary, but it is impossible to understand the Absolute; better we worship. Because by worship you can come closer to the truth. Analysis will distance you from the truth. Worship will bring you closer to the truth.

And this is especially true with some persons. If you want to analyze your friend, is that possible? Is that called friendship? No, whatever we analyze, this is not a real friendship. Because in a friendship you don’t think, you don’t analyze, you just live. What to speak of other emotional contacts like affection! Does a father analyze his son? After twenty – yes: “It was a mistake”. But before that – no analysis, only love, care, attention.

So, the real connection we don’t analyze, we feel. This is the way to approach the real stuff. It’s especially true for Shrimati Radharani. If you want to analyze Her, forget it! She will run away. If you want to analyze Krishna or to measure Krishna, how it’s called? It is called maya, illusion. Maya means also “to measure”. To measure God – it’s impossible! And to analyze the Goddess – this is stupidity. Therefore better we worship those very high levels of existence, because if we purify our hearts, more truth can enter our system.

Therefore we shall worship and glorify today the beloved of our Supreme Lord by a song. This is a song of Shrila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami, who has written the biography of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and who was a very determined and devoted follower of the Lord. And as Mahaprabhu is the joint avatar of Radha and Krishna, this is very easy for the followers of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to concentrate both on Krishna and on Radha. And as Mahaprabhu sometimes shows the aspects of God Supreme, other times He shows the aspects of a devotee and in very special cases He shows the ecstasies of the Radha mood, therefore Mahaprabhu’s devotees also once glorify this mood, other times they glorify that mood.

Shrimati Radharani is the creative power of Krishna – to distribute the beauty (да разкраси всичко) and to make everything like an artistic offering – therefore it is no wonder that Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami tries to express himself in a very poetic way.

So what does he say? “The gleaming radiance of Her manifestation steals the eminence of the golden lotus, speckled with red pollen, and the aroma of Her transcendental body surpasses the fragrance of lotus mixed with saffron. She fulfills all the desired aspirations of the prince of the cowherd boys, Shri Krishna. May that Shrimati Radhika grant me service to Her lotus feet.”

Would you expect such expressions from a theological poesy? Is it like some dogmatic treaties? Or is it like some dry philosophy? Or the boring tattva, spiritual truth? No, this is what you cannot express by simple words, you have to sing it out.

And of course all the objects mentioned here, like the golden lotus speckled with red pollen, they are very poetic expressions of the supreme beauty and the supreme mystery of life. The lotus flower is the symbol of the maximum purity in spirituality. Also this is a symbol of creation. When the lotus is not open but is in the bud form and is in the hand of a god or a goddess it symbolizes the potential of the universe. So this is before creation. But here we see a golden lotus sprinkled with red pollen. So this is not potential, this is full-fledged. So we don’t start before creation, we don’t start with potentiality, we start with the essence. And the supreme beauty of the potentiality of the creation is surpassed by the open blossom of the lotus flower, the manifest creation, but even that beauty is highly surpassed by the beauty of Shrimati Radharani. The vision is overwhelming! But it’s not only the vision, it’s also the aroma. So your meditation over the Supreme is total. It’s not only your vision, it’s not only your ears, it’s not only your taste; the smell is also included.

So, the transcendental fragrance of Her body is more charming than the smell of the lotus mixed with saffron. Krishna has a good taste. He likes beauty. And He is the fan of the best incense, the best fragrance. Do you know what is the average price for incense sticks in Vrindavana? How much is one kg? It depends on the kind but you can start with 200 rupees for one kg. But this is the starting, this is very low, very simple quality. This is for the outsiders (туристите), who are satisfied with some (smell), but they do not have the real taste. Because there is another type of incense, which is worth 100 dollars per kg. And this is offered only once or twice a year to Krishna. This is a mixture of the most aromatic substances on the planet earth. But even that highly expensive incense is insignificant compared to the aroma of the body of Shrimati Radharani.

And why She’s got these qualities? What do you think?

Harilila: To satisfy Him?

Tirtha Maharaj: These are Her qualities or not?

Answers: Hers.

Tirtha Maharaj: All right! But your answer is very appropriate. All the qualities of Shrimati Radharani are for the service of the Lord. But why She’s got the qualities? Because She serves Krishna therefore She receives good qualities; or by nature She’s got excellent qualities which fit only Krishna’s service? This we should not analyze any further, we should simply worship. Because They are the best match.


(to be continued)

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