Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.06.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

 You know all these beautiful different pastimes of Krishna when He visited this Earth – how He took His birth, how He dealt with the devotees. Here are the four of His extra qualities: first of all His beauty. Krishna is forever-young, beautiful. And His beauty is attractive even for Himself. You know, when He saw His reflection in the column, He said: “Ah! Who is that beautiful guy?!” So He is surprisingly beautiful even for Himself. Therefore only He Himself is able to observe this beauty. Or – one, of similarly or even higher capacity partner. And this is Radhika who can really appreciate the beauty of Krishna.

The second special feature of Krishna is His playing the flute. This is not only a musical instrument of a cowherd boy, but this is like a symbol of the divine aesthetics. The sound of the spheres – actually this is the flute of Krishna. This is the source of the creative sound vibration. And this is really a magic flute, because it will change the character of the living entities. The trees are usually considered to be nonmoving entities and the deer usually are considered to be moving entities. But when the trees in Vrindavana listen to the sound of the flute of Krishna, they start to tremble, they dance for this magic music. While the deer, who usually run very fast, they are frozen by this sound. So the flute of Krishna invites us all to join the divine lilas. And if we were moving so far in the world of illusion, then we can fix ourselves; or if we were nonmoving in the spiritual sense, then we can start our response to His invitation.

The third extra feature of Krishna – these are His qualities and His environment. He possesses always the six opulences of divinity: like strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty and renunciation. And He is never alone, He is always surrounded by His beloved devotees. Like the full moon and the many stars – so poetic! His main partner is Radhika and in this way the two of Them are the union of divine beauty and divine love.

And finally the fourth feature of Krishna – these are His pastimes. There are some pastimes going on in the eternal spiritual sphere, and there are some special pastimes that are manifested on this planet Earth. One reflects the other, but in certain ways they also differ a little bit. And all His activities – concerning for example killing of demons in His lila – remind us of the different stages of spiritual development, how the divine power will kill the inner demons that we all have.

So, how Radhika will appreciate Krishna’s beauty? By Her vision, by Her eyes. How She will appreciate the sound of Krishna’s flute? By listening to it, by Her ears. And how She will perceive and appreciate His environment? By Her words, by glorification. So what were these three? Shravanam, kirtanam, smaranam. If Radhika is doing that, how you don’t do it? She is remembering Krishna’s beauty after seeing Him. She is glorifying the pastimes and the environment. And She is listening to His flute. And finally how She participates in the pastimes of Krishna? With Her whole existence – we can say this is atma-nivedanam.

So, shravanam-kirtanam is not only an introduction into some basics of the vaishnava philosophy. Although the level of intensity how Shrimati Radharani is doing these practices is a little different than ours. But everything depends on the relationship. We are all searching for a relationship. It’s good to be alone; I mean it’s good to be, even if alone, but it’s better to be in a company. So we are all searching for some environment, for some relationship. We are searching for adi-rasa, the original connection that we all have.

(to be continued)


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