Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Kamen: Can you sacrifice something if it does not belong to you?

Tirtha Maharaj: Very good question! Is there anything that belongs to us?

Yamuna: Yes! Our love.

Tirtha Maharaj: So this is the ultimate sacrifice. Because usually we sacrifice things outside of us –flowers, some grains, time, money, assets, this and that. Bricks… Sometimes potatoes. But very few certain things we possess. One is our life, the other is our consciousness and the third is our affection. So if we can dedicate these three things – our life, our thoughts and our feelings – then we have sacrificed everything.

But ultimately this is only love. All else is secondary. Sat-chit-ananda, right: our existence, our knowledge or consciousness, and our love.

Actually this is also a reflection of divine powers. But Krishna has given these qualities to the jivas with some purpose. He was not selfless; He wanted to receive it all back. So the only reason why we have life, why we have emotions, why we have consciousness is to dedicate it for divine connection and service. The other things do not belong to us. Not even the body. It is just like an instrument, like a carriage to reach the destination.

Once I was talking to a very, very nice grihastha bhakta and he said: “Ah, when I was a brahmachari I was so happy! Every day we were distributing, travelling here and there and cooking at evening times prasadam … Now I have to maintain, I have to do, I have to work, I have to earn money – and nevertheless I have to renounce this whole thing anyway! So why am I to do this?!” And I told him: “Well, without collecting something, how can you renounce that? How can you renounce anything?” He said: “A-ha!”

So Krishna is thinking in a long run. First He engages you in collecting in order to teach you how to renounce. He is thinking for you.

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