Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Tirtha Maharaj: “Surrender unto Me, do what I tell you and I will protect you.” Actually, what does this verse suggest to you?

Krishna Premi: Surrender for protection. Exchange.

Tirtha Maharaj: What is first?

Krishna Premi: Surrender.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes. So the two partners in this exchange: one is Krishna, God, and the other is Arjuna, the servant, or the friend. Who is in need?

Lilavatar: Arjuna is in need. I don’t think that Krishna is in need. We fulfill our duties towards the world and at the same time we carry Krishna in our hearts.

Tirtha Maharaj: All right, this sounds reasonable – that first we give and then God also supplies. Many times we forget this and we expect that He gives first and then maybe we shall also give something. What is your suggestion, Kripadham?

Kripadham: Both of them are in need. Arjuna in the beginning of “Gita” is in a big distress, he needs to get out of this situation. And he depends on Krishna not only as his friend. That’s why Arjuna is in need.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, I think that is obvious that Arjuna is in need.

Kripadham: And Krishna is in need because He talks about love and everybody who speaks about love is in need.

Tirtha Maharaj: Is it?

Kripadham: Usually it is like this.

Tirtha Maharaj: Let’s talk about love! I think today you are in a very inspired mood. So, I have to say yes, most probably both are in need. Arjuna needs the shelter. He might be a little afraid of what’s going to happen. But Krishna says: “Ah, don’t worry.” Divine protection is always with the surrendered souls. “Declare it boldly, My devotee is never lost!”[1] So, our duty is only to surrender; His duty is to take care.

Arjuna needs this shelter, needs this inspiration: “Don’t worry, just do what I tell you, it will be fine.” But we can say that Krishna is in an even higher need. Krishna is not simply purna, full, complete, He is not simply purnatara, more perfect, He is purnattama, the supremely complete and perfect. So much so that He wants to share what He’s got and He wants to exercise His mercy. He needs a partner for His mercy. Whose need is greater? Arjuna is in deficiency, Krishna is in excess.

So, Krishna is in greater need. Because He is greater in all respects, so His need is greater. It is said that Krishna has unlimited mercy and exercises His unlimited mercy with His devotees in unlimited ways. Therefore our only duty is to become a surrendered servant of the Supreme, then you will feel His protection.

And it is very glorious to be an object of the need of Krishna. Because He is searching for you. Our God is so full that He wants to share what He’s got. Does it sound sectarian? I don’t think so. I think it sound nectarean. We can only pray that this nectar reaches everyone.

[1] Bhagavad Gita 9.31

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