Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 24 of May 2006, Sofia)
Real wisdom is divine wisdom. Knowledge of the world, any high kind of knowledge, any limit of material knowledge is compared to zero with divine knowledge. Why can we say this? Because everything that is there in the world will be diminished, will be destroyed. So an intelligent person would not glorify something transient. And limited and impermanent knowledge is not knowledge. As Shrila Prabhupad used to say, the knowledge of the science is “may be… according to our present view…” but this knowledge is not knowledge. “May be” is not knowledge. Knowledge means YOU KNOW.
But in order to know, we have to come in contact with the ultimate source of knowledge. Most of us know, that God knows everything. And if you know only this one thing, that is almost enough for having perfect knowledge. Why? Because there are few basic qualities of the Supreme Lord that should be noticed. For example, God is GOOD. Once I was talking to a lawyer and somehow I told “God is good.” And he said: “Wow! If somebody could prove that for me…!” And I said: “Well, that will be VERY difficult.” To prove that God is good – it’s almost impossible. If this is not obvious for you, nobody can prove that.
So, God IS good. And He is the ultimate source of everything – whatever we have and whatever we don’t have. Most of the times we lack knowledge. And more often we lack wisdom. So we should not be entangled with material knowledge, rather we should cultivate divine wisdom. Material knowledge will give us all the information about nothing. And divine knowledge will provide you full knowledge about everything. So you will understand what is what in the right value. That we can call REAL knowledge.
Knowledge can be distinguished on two principles. One is the source of knowledge and the other is the topic of knowledge. What is the source of your knowledge? In most of the cases this is our sense perception. And usually people say: “I believe if I see,” because we are depending on the senses, on the perception and we have no higher source of knowledge. But this is the version of the materialists. What is the version of the idealists? “I will see if I believe.” This works on opposite principle. Material knowledge is an ascending process, building from down to up. You collect information and try to put it together. But life is such a puzzle, that most of the pieces are missing. So if you try to build up your knowledge, your life – it will be a very shaky, very hazy picture. Divine knowledge is descending. It’s coming form a divine source like a blessing down to humans. That knowledge comes from a perfect source, therefore it contains all the necessary information – plus it is able to transform you. So: information plus transformation – that is wisdom.
And this divine knowledge can be obtained by what? By surrender you obtain knowledge. This is a mystic process. This is not collecting information, but dedicating your heart and soul.
Therefore we should always remember that beautiful story from the “Mahabharata”, The name of the disciple was Aruni. The master sent Aruni: “Could you please check the small gates of the rice-field?” Because rice grows only in water and for that reason they make a flat piece of land and surround it with small dams. And to preserve water there is necessary for the rice to grow. So Aruni was checking out the little dams and he saw that in one place the dam was broken and the water was just running out like anything! He started to collect mud, and earth, and soil, but he was unable to stop it. Finally he didn’t find any alternative then blocking the way of the water with his own body. And if you are part of the dam you cannon really move, right? So of course, he was missing in the evening from the ashram. After the arati, after the lecture the guru asked: “Where is Aruni?” Nobody knew. They went out with torch-lamps searching: “Aruni, Aruni, where are you?” Finally some little voice they heard from the rice-field. And when the guru understood that he was so much self-sacrificed, that he put his body to block the water, he told: “O my dear boy, may all the knowledge of the Vedas come to you! Because you are so much dedicated, all knowledge, all blessings should come to you.”
So instead of talking too much and thinking too much about knowledge, we should do something. From this story we can understand : if we sacrifice ourselves then the blessings will come. And due to the blessing knowledge will also come.
But Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came NOT for distributing divine knowledge, but divine love. A higher principle, which we can call the real knowledge or the essential wisdom. Divine love – that’s much higher principle then knowledge!
Therefore if we talk about knowledge and wisdom, in the shastras it is suggested that first you should become knowledgeable. But AFTER that you have to become like a kid, simple like a kid. And next step is final purification. So don’t think that knowledge can help you. Knowledge is only an intermediate state. After you had gained all the knowledge that is necessary, you should give it up. And you should be simple, compassionate, and loving like a kid. And finally you also have to give this up. And then you depend on Krishna’s grace alone.

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