Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

om namo

We can find some more very deep and very important verses in the “Bhagavad Gita”. Let me mention the Twelfth Chapter, the whole chapter when Krishna starts answering Arjuna’s question: “What is the best process?’ And Krishna says: ‘The best is if you can always think of Me. But if you cannot do, you have an alternative. If you cannot always think of Me, then follow the rules and regulations.’ Very realistic, right? ‘If you are not on the realized platform, then do something about it, follow some basic process. If you cannot follow these principles, then be selfless. If you cannot be selfless, then meditate. If you cannot meditate – think, use your brain.’ Usually we consider knowledge something very high, very precious. But in this list, it is the most insignificant element. The last chance – if you cannot do anything else.

So, that shows it’s a gradual process and on any platform you can join this process. If you have some ability to think – think. ‘How it is? What is the truth about life? What is the most important?’ If you are more elevated – act in a selfless way, be a good man, share what you have, give to others! If you can go even further, then work only for Krishna, serve His purpose directly. Then follow the principles, because this will bring you closer to your spiritual ideal. And finally – surrender yourself totally.

And this is what is mentioned in the ultimate conclusive verse of the Gita 18.66: “Surrender totally to Me, abandoning all different type of engagements, surrender to Me.” Or, as it was described so nice by Shrila Sadhu Maharaj in the morning: “… to My beloved one.” So again, we have to be very qualified to find some hidden points in the Gita. But we can agree that usually people consider this verse as the absolute conclusion of the Gita.

Also I would like to remind you about the 15.15. This verse is so important, that you should memorize it by heart and whenever somebody awakes you from your sleep, you should recite it immediately. Sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto – “I’m there in everybody’s heart.” If only…! In the beginning we said that if you know all the 700 verses you are saved, right? 700? All right, now this is Kali-yuga, I have no brain, let’s make a compromise: my dear ones, if you remember only this sentence: “I’m there in everybody’s heart,” you are saved. “From Me come knowledge, remembrance and forgetfulness.” So, this is another very important verse that I’d like to mention to you – fifteenth verse from the Chapter Fifteenth. “From among all the Vedas you have to know Me, because I am the creator of the Vedas.”

But I have a humble request to you. Please, find your own verse! Find your own inspiration in the Gita from these 700 verses, what touches your heart, and then try to stick to it. Do you agree?

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