Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




Goethe says: “If you have lost money, you have not lost anything; if you have lost a friend, you have lost much; but if you have lost your faith, you have lost everything.”

We are depending on connections. If you are connected to the Lord, that means you are faithful. If you give up this faithful attachment to the Lord, then this is a big loss. Of course, faith helps our connection to grow; therefore these things are interrelated, connected to each other. So until our superiors trust us, we are safe. We should not lose that trust. In most of the cases we do not understand what our superiors are talking about. We do not understand the depth of care and attention; we cannot evaluate the mercy extended to us – until it is with us. Immediately as we miss, then we will understand. Just like air; usually we do not think that air is very precious. But when you miss air, immediately you will understand the value. Therefore sometimes to improve the understanding of disciples, gurus push them under the water. And when they are really struggling for breath, then they understand….. You see, this is the way, how much you have to want Krishna! And if you do not understand – under the water again. Just to make you understand.

Now I think: “Today, there is a lecture in the morning. I will come in the evening, not in the morning.” But imagine, if this morning lecture is the last one that you can attend… and you miss it! You will be sorry for a lifetime! So – do not miss the opportunities. Do not think that if something is available today, it will be there tomorrow also. Do you understand what I mean?


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