Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The third verse goes like this: yatha mahanti bhutani/ bhuteshuchchavacheshv anu/ pravishtany apravishtani/ tatha teshu na teshv aham – “O Brahma, please know that the universal elements enter into the cosmos and at the same time do not enter into the cosmos; similarly, I Myself also exist within everything created, and at the same time I am outside of everything.”[1]

Is not that a miracle? Inside and outside. God pervades everything with His energies and still preserves His own separate identity. Can you do that? To certain extend yes. How? Like a father pervades the son. Like father, like son. So, if this creation comes from God, then it is close to Him. That means He gives full support. He does not let this creation alone. By one very special energy of His He pervades this universe. This energy is called apara-shakti or maya-shakti, which is such a potency that will create illusion. And I think we all know this energy very well; we are very well acquainted with thing that seems to be very real, but they are not real.

But our Lord also preserves His individual identity. If you distribute your energies, you will lose some of them, right? Money is one energy. If you distribute your money, you will lose it. But there is a very special system in nature – if you give, you will get. If we give, if we distribute, we shall be given. Money is a very basic energy. But let us think about something more precious for human beings. What is that energy? Affection, right? Love. What happens if we distribute our love? Once they asked a mother with three kids, plus the father – so that means four she had to take care of, you can imagine – the lady from the neighborhood asked: “How can you do that?! How can you distribute your love to four guys around you? It does not diminish?” And she said: “No, it functions in a different way. The more I distribute, the more it multiplies.”

This is the secret of spiritual things: the more you distribute, the more you will be supplied. Krishna is transcendental, right? The more He gives from Himself, He will not lose; still everything will be supplied completely. We know this verse from the Upanishads: om purnam adam purnam idam/ purnat purnam udachyate/ purnasya purnam adaya/ purnam eve avashishyate[2] – “That is perfect, this is also perfect. From the complete whole many complete units are extracted or expanded. No matter now many complete wholes are emanating from this source, the unity and integrity of the original is intact.” We, as spirit souls, аre also transcendental. So, the more we distribute our real self, it will not diminish either. That means the more you dedicate yourself to your service, the more energy you will get.

Is that true? Well, we hope that it is true. Because we did not really try it, we did not reach the limits of our capacities. How many times you have fallen asleep while giving a lecture? Many times it happens that people fall asleep while they are listening to the lecture, because they had done so much devotional service that their body is exhausted. But if you fall asleep while giving a lecture – that is real exhaustion. There were some occasions while devotees fell asleep while they were taking prasadam. You know, a humble vaishnava bows down, right? So, just imagine the plate in front of you and approaching it finally this was your full dedication to the prasadam – everything on your face! But still that is nothing. Тhere is even more, even higher level of dedicated service. You know, usually on the evening arati you dance, right? And after the arati there are these few minutes when they say “Ki jay! Ki jay!” Оne devotee fall asleep while this “ki jay” was going on.

So, we did not reach our limits. We did not give our best yet to Krishna. No doubt, we are trying, and sometimes we reach some limits, but full dedication means full support also. Until we are trying to accomplish devotional service only through our own efforts, human resources will run out. But it is said: where human efforts finish, reach the end, this is the point where divine mercy starts. That means, if we continue, if we go on with our dedication, we shall reach to such a limit, where all our resources run out – then real spiritual transition will start. Because we have to understand that the miracle does not happen by our efforts. No, this is given by the Supreme Lord and He is inexhaustible. We are tiny little sparks of energy, but He is the supreme fire. Therefore if we connect back to Him, our energy will be supplied also.

Therefore we need a connection. This connection is yoga; yoga means to be connected. Stay always connected! Then Krishna will pervade your heart also. He is naturally there, originally there, but if we perceive that more consciously, then He will really accept the throne of our heart.

[1] “Shrimad-bhagavatam”2.9.35

[2] “Shri Ishopanishad” 1

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