Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



Question: I’d like to ask if there is sex in the spiritual world.

Yamuna: Maharaj, very interesting, that was the question from the applying exams for theology.

Swami Tirtha: In the Christian heaven? And what was the answer?

Yamuna: I did not hear the professors’ answer, but there was a group of students’ gathering, because the question was not only if there is sexuality there, but you have to confirm your answer, you cannot just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you have to support it with quotes, that was the condition. So, the answer… at least my answer, was that since there is a quote from the New Testament that “In heaven they don’t get married” and you would not suppose that they have illicit sexual life, therefore there should not be.

Swami Tirtha: And who are residing in the heaven – it’s only the angels, who are without a gender.

Giridhari: Wait a minute! And what about another quote from the Bible where the angels liked the daughters of the humans and they come down to them? What of their lack of gender? From this mixed relation there were born creatures called nephilims, who were of quite evil and strong energies but fortunately they were short-lived.

Swami Tirtha: These are the fallen angels, my dear. Attraction brings even the angels down from heaven.

But, you know, there is a big controversy and a big speculation about, for example, Lord Jesus having sex or not, if he had a family or maybe some sons and daughters, if ‘I belong to his family’… And the Church was very upset when some people tried to make their fortune over this speculation. The official opinion of the Catholic Church is: ‘No.’ But, you know, for us this is not a question. Krishna has 16108 wives, ten sons from each. So, for us this is obvious.

But we discussed recently what is the purpose of the material world – this is to provide a place for the, so to say, ‘limited’ lilas of God. And how is it on the other side I would leave it open. Because it is said that Krishna can perform any activity with any bodily part. So, if He wants to create, He does not necessarily enter into sexual contacts. He can use His willpower and it will manifest. In many other places it is said that He impregnates the womb of material nature with the sparks of the jivas, the souls. So I would leave this question open, you will see when you arrive. There are many opinions about this. But as we know, there are many different layers and expressions about love. One is sexuality, yet there are many, many other expressions of this affection.

Once somebody asked Shrila Prabhupad if there is snow in the spiritual sky. So, he was thinking for a while: ‘A new question!’ he said. Then he said: “Even if there is, it is not uncomfortable.”



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