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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 09.01.2016 evening, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Monday) 

So, here is the intellectual meaning of this prayer, of this mantra: From the unreal lead me to the reality, from the darkness to the light, from death to eternity. But the wise teachers that we try to follow had some special explanations to these words. They say: when the mantra says ‘from the unreal lead me to reality,’ actually it means ‘from death lead me to eternity’. This is the hidden meaning of the prayer. When it says: ‘from the darkness lead me to the light’, actually it means ‘from death lead me to eternity’. Yes, this is the hidden meaning of the symbolic language. And then when finally it says: ‘from death lead me to eternity,’ it means ‘from death lead me to eternity’. Because this is the ultimate message here.

So, there was a very meaningful aspect about life – sat. There was an intellectual meaning – when we understood the hidden message: from death to eternity. And you know, I promised you a third aspect also that will make you happy. Actually it already happened because I think we all very happily celebrate the victory of eternal life over death.

But actually there are some little more things to add. For example asat also means the unmanifested state of the universe – when all the different varieties of life and planets and elements and all the necessary ingredients of this universe are nonmanifest yet. Everything exists as a potential. From that potential, please lead me to the expressed, manifested world. Just look at yourself – you are full of potential, most of it is unmanifested yet. We cannot even imagine our spiritual future; we have no idea, no conception at all about the prospects that we have. Therefore we need the prayer: please, from this unmanifested state of my life, somebody, lead me to the realized platform of all my potential. So from unreal lead me to the real! From the unfulfilled potential lead me to direct, real experience of spiritual bliss!

The second line says: “From darkness lead me to the light!” Darkness is black, right? While the light is white. So that also means: from the Black lead me to the White. But this is not a game of chess, it’s got some deeper meaning. Previously we discussed that usually we conceive darkness as something wrong, as a lack of light or some ignorance. But actually if you observe a picture of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna, His body is dark, it’s blackish, dark-blue. Why? Just to prove that He is not a human. God is beyond human conception. And usually we think that darkness doesn’t emanate light, but in His case it does. Krishna’s darkness is a mystic darkness, it emanates light.

From our sacred teachers we understood that the divine personality, Krishna, is dark – He is the Dark Lord. But from your folklore we can understand who the most beautiful girl in the village is. How is she called? Radha. And actually we know that the beloved spouse of Lord Krishna is Radha. So that’s a direct proof that you Bulgarians come from the banks of Mother Ganges. And we understood that the worship of this Supreme Lord with the dark hue is very good, but He always enjoys the company of this beautiful girl Radha, who is bright. Therefore if we pray: “From the darkness lead me to the light”, it’s got a super meaning also. From the concept of this dark-hued Supreme Lord, introduce me to the concept of this beauty of the village! Very mystic, very esoteric meaning! From the darkness lead me to the light.

And what is the mystic explanation of the last line. “From death lead me to eternity”? This is “from death lead me to eternity”.

Therefore we are so fortunate to chant this mantra. This is the ultimate benefit of a pure prayer – it will reveal our original blissful nature. So what is contained in a good mantra, in a good prayer? Sat – a profound meaning of life, chit – a very highly intellectual understanding of the same topic, and ananda – the bliss that we are all searching for.

(to be continued)


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